Online SEO Training Program in Pakistan

As many people knows that SEO now becoming the core part of website. If you have a website so you must need to do SEO to run your website or sustain your website rank in search engine. After got a great feedback on SEO training videos, now KnowledgeIDea offering online SEO training to spread this knowledge through our educational portal. As you and me clearly knows that, it is hardly difficult to find someone experienced instructor or teacher of SEO (Search engine optimization). Right now, we decided to open our training doors to all outside candidates who have desires to learn industry level SEO and their advantages. This training and announcement especially given for all Pakistani beginners. No matter  where you belongs from Pakistan all major cities Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Multan, Gujranwala and further too, all candidates can attend the online classes.

What is SEO (Search Engine optimization)?

SEO is used to boost or sustain search engine rankings to get organic traffic. SEO is a marketing term same like as SEM. The only difference between them is, SEO generate organic traffic directly from search engines for free (But struggle required) and conversely, SEM is a paid marketing like your Google Ads or Facebook ads are the prominent example of it.

What We Will Teach You? (Course Outlines)

Depends, how much you have awareness of computer and their usage. Because almost users came to us in past was illiterate or beginners and even they were have no awareness of usage of computer.

Otherwise we will teach you following aspects OR this course covers following aspects.

  1. What is SEO? (Basics)
  2. How SEO Works? (Basics)
  3. Why we use SEO? (Basics)
  4. On-Page SEO? (Basics)
  5. Off-Page SEO? (50% Basics + 50% Advance factors included) 
  6. How to Make your own SEO strategy? (Advance)
  7. How to determine SEO rankings? (Advance)
  8. SEO for eCommerce business? (Advance)
  9. CMS & SEO? (Advance)
  10. Ad networks & SEO? (Advance)
  11. Infographics? (Advance)
  12. Marketing Plan for Startups and Funds Guidance? (Advance)

How Much We Are Charging OR Fee Structure?

Our primary or first priority purpose just to spread this knowledge all around the world whether it is Pakistan or India or United States.

Please review our below fee structure for all candidates.


SEO Factors Fee Structure
Basic SEO $150 Only (15,000 PKR) Full fee submission on day first.
Basic + Advance SEO (Complete) $300 (30,000 PKR) Fee can pay within two instalments.


Note: Student OR Candidate will be eligible to pay his fee dues before come to our online class. Students who will join our second, Basics + Advance course can pay their fee dues in two instalment (50% on the day first and rest of the 50% at the mid of this course*)

SEO Training Course Time Duration:

Typically, it takes 4 weeks! Yes course duration is 4 weeks OR 1 month.

How Can I attend SEO Training Online Class?

You need two software, by installing these software’s you can attend our online class with ease.

  1. Team Viewer (Through this you can see our computer screen from your computer)
  2. Skype (Through this you can hear our instructor voice clearly and can talk to them easily)

Note* Download these above two software’s from their official websites. Download software’s by using the above links and install in your computer before join our online class.

Important Note:

We will train you accordingly to our 5+ years of experience. Entire training would be on WordPress (CMS), also we will let you know how to work without CMS that would be also part of the training. Fee submission is important before join our class. Fee can not be low at any cost because that course worth is near $500 in the online market or in any institute all over the Pakistan.

For further queries or fee submission you can contact us directly.

Thank you!

Written by___ KnowledgeIDea Editorial Staff

Published by___ CEO & Founder Siraj Mahmood