On-Page SEO Ranking Factors List With Short Description

As we know that, SEO is an online marketing term, which is used to improve search engine rank. On-Page Seo is known as the first type of Seo and its contains numerous factors and algorithms. Many of my readers and visitors asked me about On-Page Seo ranking factors and also demand for proper factors list.

Therefore,  today I’m going to write this descriptive post for proper guidance about on-page seo factors and how we can improve search engine rank with these factors usage. Let’s find out!

On-Page SEO Ranking Factors List
On-Page SEO Ranking Factors Structure

On-Page SEO Ranking Factors:

On-Page Seo is defined as, Which Seo task that you have done during login or back-end to your website is considered as on-page Seo. There are numbers of definitions but above one is clear and simple to memorize this Seo type.

Now go ahead with on-page seo ranking factors list along short description for guidance.

  1. Analyze Website (Find site niche, bugs and impairments)
  2. Keyword Research (Search finest one and low competitive keywords relevant to web category)
  3. Keyword Placement (Right keyword placement is crucial and your success)
  4. Keyword Density (How many times keyword exist in content body, recommended density 1.50%)
  5. Meta-tags (Setup Meta-title and description, Search engine utilize meta- title & description to filter searches)
  6. Meta-Robots (Index-noindex, Nodp and Noydir) *What is Nodp and Noydir
  7. XML Sitemap (Search Engine demands appropriate website road map to easily and quick access all web pages)
  8. Robots.txt (A file that contains instruction for search engine crawler)
  9. RSS FEED (Folks will be stay in touch with you and will be notified automatically)
  10. Image Optimization (Image Optimization by using ALT tag and resize their resolution) *How to Optimize Images
  11. W3 C Validation (Optimize Website Speed through cache service and save hosting bandwidth as you can) *W3 Total Cache
  12. Permalinks Structure (Setup right URL structure to boost on-page seo, keyword should be exist in your URL structure) * WordPress Permalinks Structure
  13. Google Tools (Setup or integrate Google Webmaster for administrative rights in search engine and analysis reports and Google Analytics to track single visitor on website and their activities)
  14. Rich Snippets (Highlight your content in search engine and increase visibility chances via rich snippets)
  15. Breadcrumbs (Use to display web categories/pages in well manner)

Above mentioned points are known as major and prominent on-page seo factors. Instead of these, there are other various of on-page factors but major are listed above.

Let us know, if you think above given information is proven best for you. If you are interested to learn above on-page factors then join our Seo Training Guide for free. For more discussion on that topic and your respective opinions, you may join us via below comment.

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8 years ago

Straight forward post on – page optimization (from basic to adv.) you have covered … along with these all should need a unique content thanks for sharing mate !

Siraj Mahmood
8 years ago
Reply to  earnrupee

Thank You!