Ola Expects to Launch Its Guardian Feature in New Segments of Market

Hiring a private vehicle service for you or your love one’s is never free form risk. So often people look for safe and secure hire. One such a company who does not only focus on providing luxury and affordable vehicles service to its customers but it is trying to make its customer’s journey innocuous. The name of company is Ola Cab. Ola is an Asian based company. It was incepted on 3rd of December 2010 and now it is operating in countries such as, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Australia. The Ola corporation is about to ad Ola guardian feature for new segments in Asia and abroad. Ola Guardian is Expected to Expand in New Markets


Ola Guardian Features for Safety

Particularly, Ola has announced to expand its travel safety feature guardian to more cities in Australia and India. Basically, Ola guardian uses real time data to detect anomalies such as, unexpected deviation from routes and extended stops. These anomalies are alerts which are built in Ola guardian. So, 24 x 7 team at Ola responds to such alters. The team response promptly and reach out to customer or driver to check whether they are safe. Ola’s team in such cases also offers on call help for customer until he/she reaches to its destination.

Ola Guardian about to Expand Safety Feature in New Markets


As Ola Stated:

“After running a successful pilot across multiple cities in India and international markets, the ‘Guardian’ feature is going live in 16 Indian cities as well as Perth in Australia. Ola aims to take Guardian to more cities in the coming quarter,”

Basically, Ola guardian has built in artificial intelligence feature which assist system to learn and adapt from data, it has gathered over times. So based on past and even real time data Ola guardian helps company to minimize risk for its travel service customers.

Ola a Benchmark in Mobility Industry

Over the time Ola is growing and proving to be a benchmark in mobility industry because of its innovation features. Example of these features are as follow.

  • Facial recognition authentication system for drivers.
  • Emergency button.
  • One time password.

Ola Safety Feature

 Ola Recruitment Regulations

Ola has stringent recruitment regulations for its drivers. The criminal record verification and online training which entails segments such as, etiquette, platform usage and defensive driving. Moreover, for the safety satisfaction of customers. The drivers at Ola on daily bases  upload their selfies so that customers would not feel driver impersonation. Drivers even multiple times upload their current selfies. By depicting driver’s current picture the customer feel safer because the picture of a driver appeared at the time of booking and actual look of a driver when customers interact with him for journey if, it conforms than, customer is less likely to feel driver impersonation. This picture confirmation in the mind of customer act as a clue of driver authentication. So customers feel more safe and secure with Ola cab.

Ola is Expected to Expand

So, life is becoming more easy and safe with the assistance of technology and  Ola guardian is among one. This technology essentially helped in developing customers trust in mobility sector by providing various features like face recognition and current location map etc. Notably, Ola has decided to offer its Ola guardian service in other parts of markets (e.g., Australia) so that it could cater new segments of market in more safer way than before.

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