OFF-Page SEO Ranking Factors List With Short Description

Do you know? Why everyone is so enthusiastic and eager for Off-Page Seo. The answer is due to his efficient response and long-term relationship. In my earlier article, we listed On-Page Seo factors list and now we will continue from Off-Page Seo ranking factors list with brief guide for reader’s convenience.

OFF-Page SEO Ranking Factors List With Short Description
OFF-Page SEO Ranking Factors

Off-Page Seo Ranking Factors List:

Off-Page Seo is considered as backbone of Search Engine Optimization. External Seo is another name of off-page Seo. In this part of Seo, we make a strong presence of our domain/website in search engine. Off-Page Seo has numerous factors, in which backlinks is one of the prominent and major factor. Let’s talk about off-page Seo factors list with brief guidance.

  1. Social Bookmarking Submission (Social bookmarking is a best source to redirect their users on your website, just submit your website references/source URL and tags) *Top Social bookmarking sites for Seo
  2. Forums Submission (Discussion Boards, Where you can introduce your website, services and can engage with another business persons) *70+ High PR Forum Sites List For Seo
  3. Guest Posting (Write articles for another web communities because it is a best way to increase two communities relationships and also finest way to grab another community readers attention) *What is Guest Blogging in Seo
  4. Social Media Link Strategy (FB, Twitter, G+, Pin, LinkedIn, Delicious, StumbleUpon etc)
  5. Directories Submission (Submit website to popular directories and in relevant categories like Yahoo and Dmoz)
  6. Article Submission (Submit your recent published articles to search engines and bookmarks)
  7. Write a Press Release (A media news release or new announcement about company and person like Google News)
  8. Blog Commenting (Medium and popular way to redirect and generate lots of users until the link will be available on their places) *Is Blog Commenting Still Effective From Seo Perspective?
  9. Classified Ads Platform (If you are selling any service i.e hosting, product etc then classified is a modern way to view your product in search engine prominent searches. Examples: amazon, eBay and Olx)
  10. Video Marketing (YouTube is one the finest way to get direct backlinks from YouTube channels and videos, join another portals like vimeo, dailymotion and vevo)
  11. Yellow Page (A platform, where you can find any business location via map and view their services. Sign up and submit your services and map location to target worldwide clients)
  12. Sitemap Submission (Submit website xml sitemap to Google/Bing/Yandex Webmaster. It is crucial to give alert notification for crawler that means our site is now ready for index) *How to submit website sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool
  13. Understand Google Webmaster Tools (Remove bugs and 404 not found pages because not available pages can effect on your search engine ranking) *Google Webmaster Tools and its features
  14. Understand Google Analytics (Track your organic searches and keywords through Analytics and working on them in future)
  15. Understand Google Trends (Google trends provides you information about keywords trends, fluctuations and geographical location searches)

Above mentioned off-page Seo ranking factors are major and playing vital role in search engine marketing. Newsletter, competitive keywords analysis are also part of above factors.

Le us know, if you find this article useful and remarkable. If you are interested to above off-page seo factors and their implementation then join our Seo Training Program free for beginners. For more discussion and your respective opinions, leave your comment.

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