Nuclear Weapons & their Hazards

Nuclear Weapons:

We are living in modern age world in which technology spread very quickly, Nuclear weapons are also form of technology. Today world has the threat of nuclear weapons, chemical weapons. The chemical energy is become the problem of the world today. Nuclear power is important for our protection but these weapons destroyed the world & we can’t control over it.

Nuclear Weapons

Use of nuclear energy makes upset the world. Missiles are atomic weapons which explodes & destroyed the whole world with in 35 minutes. Nuclear war create too much smoke that quickly create hottest temperature & shortest of rainfall would occur over one half of the middle northern.Due to nuclear war rain fall would decrease because monsoon could not develop.

Nuclear Weapons Effects:

Use of nuclear weapons damage the crops, Which result lower production, agriculture badly effected in northern hemisphere. Society totally disturb because of nuclear weapons. In nuclear war only develop countries keep their people alive, if their crops destroyed like Canada, Australia & united states. Due to nuclear war mostly population is weak because lack of food.

Powerful & harmful energy affect the human skin change into liquid due to heat, buildings fell down very suddenly, vehicles crash into each other everywhere , human bodies everywhere. When we bomb Nagasaki & Hiroshima on a one million tons of (trinitrotoluene) TNT, 3 miles in radius was totally damage. Now, with 20 millions tons TNT, small degree to 100 millions tons maximum, can damaged a whole 25 miles in radius and more. No one can stop this, If we are able to overcome the nuclear weapons. Some countries would but nuclear weapons or some countries. Which have nuclear power make their own such weapons & other countries would start another war.

Example of Iraq’s nuclear power plants were destroyed under Saddam Hussein government because it was threat to world peace. This can be controlled only by stopping people from making nuclear weapons. People have a disease of destroying or ending the world & create a living hell for all of us.

Nuclear energy is also very important for success and for protection from enemies, this power is used in making rockets, Which making fastest travel of space. In space program uses of such energy are good because they use this energy under their control. If we you nuclear weapons against the peace it become dangerous to us, Our health or safety , Our plans or reputation. Today, many countries have atomic power & have their own nuclear stations, but some of them use this energy to threaten other countries. Using of nuclear weapons become a disease, which completely ruined the world. Weapons made by the nation for prevented & provide their moral principles for bringing peace in the world. Such use of nuclear weapon disturb the thoughts of people , they believe that such type of technology only cause harm or damage their lives & society, many other people believe that such weapons help them to improved or increase their power, make them able to complete with other developed countries.


Nuclear weapons used for both , protection or destroyed the peace of the world people, who think that these weapons.

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