New Remarkable Features of WordPress 4.1

Features of WordPress 4.1:

WordPress 4.1 was publicly released on December 14, 2014 that was titled as ‘Dinah’ after the famous jazz singer Dinah Washington. They launched this finest one package with new remarkable features of WordPress 4.1 Since then WordPress 4.1 has been implementing greatly and users have been anticipating interesting stuffs from this latest version. They will be acknowledged with a message exhibiting, ‘WordPress 4.1 available. Do please update now! On their WordPress dashboard’ when they would click on that link, it will be automatically downloaded and easily updated. Before applying for this new update, the users should have complete backup and they should test the plugin compatibility and theme along with this new version. We’ve included here some of the new amazing features of WordPress 4.1 that will help you greatly.

New Remarkable Features of WordPress 4.1

1. Set up new Twenty Fifteen theme:

The new version has commenced a new evasion WP theme known as Twenty Fifteen that is planned to maintain a firm blog. This particular font includes 30 scripts and is expanded to execute covering numerous languages that will perfectly assist in getting your WordPress nearer towards its aim of powerful planning and implementation.

2. Language support updating:

With the new WP 4.0, you can easily select your own preferred language while installing this plugin. Language Support is considered as one of the strongest features on WP. This new version WP 4.1 has been transformed to 40 languages with other distinct languages approaching soon. You can go to the ‘Setting’ and ‘General’ tab to make changes to the language you want to keep, and then save the changes.

3. Focus on The New Distraction-Free-Writing:

The distraction-free-writing on the WordPress page is an added feature which are either liked or disliked by the users. Actually the WP team is processing the publishing experience. Focus helps in centralizing on the publishing experience, sans the interruption of other distinct dashboard elements. The Add New post page would include the content passage, add media, animated GIF, format, categories, tags, featured video, featured image, publish button, etc. thus helping the users with an ideal experience and easy to use WordPress.  

4. Recommended Plugins:

The new plugin installment 4.1 permits the user for browsing a grid of tiled plugins which accurately exhibits information regarding the download numbers, and ratings while last updated, and if this has undergone any testing with your recent WordPress version. WP 4.1 even offers a filter for “Recommended plugins” that displays in front of you many plugins based on distinct sites with same type of plugins, just like your installed one.

5. Logging out of all sessions:

Available under your profile setting, there is a feature given- Log out of all other sessions. When you click on it, you can easily log out. So if you’ve misplaced your phone, or left your account logged in by chance, this will make your log out from everywhere, excluding your existing browser.

6. Image alignment toolbar:

The new version WordPress 4.1 includes a new image alignment toolbar that you might like it and you might feel easy to use it too.  The symbols cover bold, strike through, italic, numbered list,  bulleted list, block quote, horizontal line, align left, align right, align center, remove link, insert/edit link, inset read more tag, toolbar toggle, and short-codes, along with add media, visual and text option. Even if you insert images in between your content, you can edit the image then and there by clicking on it.  New as well as experienced users can comfortably execute with this feature.

7. VineAdded to oEmbed:

Vine feature is reflected upon as a good feature on WordPress 4.1 where users can easily upload a small 6 second clip of video. WP 4.1 has inserted Vine videos to the extensive list of oEmbed support system.

8. Featured Image Flexibility:

The featured image does not provide you a big number of choices, but the style in which it is made ready provides much flexibility so that your website will appear appropriate with huge ranges of colorful images. You can try out with high featured image, a little strip or no featured image. You can create your website interesting and attractive relying on the image, or presented in a more stylish way.

9. Static Sidebar:

You will notice the sidebar scrolls gradually along with the content, but stays immobile while the content exhausts out in sidebar. It signifies that users won’t notice empty strip beside your content. The sidebars cut down unwanted long sides. Thus it will lead to better arranged streamlined website.

10. Superb improvements for developers:

Developers can continue making worthy changes. With the use of WordPress 4.1, developers can make improvements to Meta, Date, Taxonomy and Comment queries; add new template tags; make developments to the Customizer API; and give excellent hold for the document title tags.

Thus, we hope you would have enjoyed reading the above post via which you would be aware of this latest WordPress 4.1 and its exciting features. So update WordPress to this new version and keep publishing blogs or articles to your website!

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