New Features in iPhone 7

Common Features:

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus are officially I the market now and being considered the most speculated mobile phone of the year. It has iOS 10. iPhone 7 is not just going to be a next version but it has been launched with many enhancements. iPhone 7 and plus are 4.7’ and 5’ respectively with nano sim slot. It has been given high and sharp quality LCD display and is available in 64GB to 128GBs. Though it does not look much different than its predecessors but it has more in it.

New Features in iPhone 7

New Features:

iPhone physical home button has been removed and replaced with pressure sensors and haptic motors which stimulates feel of a button. It has new A10 fusion processor combined with two small cores to which consumes less battery, making its battery last longer.

Head jack has been dropped from iPhone 7 and it is believed that Apple is the only manufacturer so confident to drop any feature. Wireless headphones has been introduced With Bluetooth connectivity. Though Apple have not much. iPhone 7 have definitely one of the best cameras in hand, fully enhanced and powerful.

iPhone 7 major leap is using two lenses instead of one capture more high quality image. These two cameras work together giving 2X sharp image quality and zooming by moving together. But putting together two lenses for just zooming and high quality image is not best option because many other smart phones provide similar options with single lens. It would also consume more power to operate lenses for same purpose instead of one. Front camera has also been improved than iPhone 6 from 5 megapixels to 7 megapixels which would appeal selfie trend follower.

1: Performance:

iPhone 7 has A10 fusion chip which is another one of the Apple products and 2GB RAM to support its efficiency. It is quad core, containing two high performance and two low performance core which helps in power saving also.

New Features in iPhone 7

iPhone 7 performance is improved by using a larger battery. These cores operates at 1/5th of power for smaller tasks which are 40% faster than its predecessor. iPhone 7 users would find their phone battery lasting 2 hours longer than the previous iPhone 6.

2: iOS 10:

iOS 10 has improvements and home screen and lock screen has been redesigned. “Slide to unlock” is gone now and iPhone 7 is unlocked by pressing “Home” button. Issues with blowing past screen notifications has been addressed.  Now, notifications has been broken into bubbles and 3D touch hidden menus which can be activated by long pressing invitation to accept or decline. User can vanquish all notifications by pressing home button. Just press the ‘x’ sign to dismiss any notification.

Lock screen swipe also perform as short cut to camera or any other app. Bottom up control menu also has new appearance. This menu also has four bottom short cuts. It also have bigger air play toggle.

3: Water Detection:

New iOS 10 beta update is going to include water detection as Apple has not made iPhone 7 fully water resistant. It will ask user to unplug the charger or warning message if it detects any possibility of getting water inside. Though these kind of messages are most hateful being observed but important for potential damage.

4: Changes in Siri:

Users no longer have to talk like robot while talking to siri. iPhone siri has been changed to provide users ease to interact with it.  Siri is no longer just apple app but it will be working with third party software. Searching photos though other apps like pinterest can also be done using siri. iPhone users can start, pause or stop fitness aps using siri. Siri can also help to make financial transaction.

5: Apple Maps:

iPhone 7 fixes issues with apple maps particularly its inability to scroll through a route. New apple maps have easy navigation, zoom in and zoom out. iOS 10 maps adds traffic to the route also making it more efficient. It also adds information from others applications suiting interest of the user.


Despite of many new smaller features and improvements, iPhone 7 definitely has many bigger changes like two rear cameras, removal of head jack, being water resistant, improvement in processor, changes in home and lock screens and linking siri with third parties.

New Features in iPhone 7

Apple have made major changes in iPhones 7 risking to test open user response. As iPhones has been most awaited mobile phone of the year, these all changes fulfills the expectations. iPhone 7 has upgraded than its previous version; not just introducing new features but enhancing traditional apple distinctions. Apple has tried to test new traditions by introducing new design parameters yet its physical appearance is kept uniform as previous iPhone model. The major distinction iPhone 7 has is it is first water resistant iPhone.

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