My Favorite Book Holy Quran Essay & Article

The Holy Quran Is The Main Source Of Guidance:

The Holy Quran is a main source of guidance for not only Muslims but all the human beings.This is the last book of ALLAH.This was descended  upon Hazart Muhammad (SAW).There are ‘6666’ verses in it.It has ‘114’ chapters.This devine book has been divided into 30 parts which are called ‘Paraas’.It was descended gradually in about ’22’ years and ‘5’ months.

Holy Quran

“Sura Fatiha”  Is The Preamble Of The Holy Quran:

“Sura Fatiha” is the preamble of the Holy Quran. This is the recited ‘Surah (Chapter) of the Holy Quran. In every ‘Raka’of ‘Namaz’,Surah Fatiha is recited.”Sura Baqra” is the largest Surat of the Holy Quran. It has ‘286’ verses.”Surah Kausar” is the smallest surah of the Holy Quran. It has ‘3’ verses.There are more than ’73’ thousand words in the Holy Quran.

The Subject Of The Holy Quran Is Human Being:

The subject of the Holy Quran is human being.This is away of salvation for humanity. This shows us the right path.It has many incidents of
ancient nations.These incidents have been described to show us the right path. The names and the incidents of many Prophets have been
mentioned in it. Hazart Musa’s(A.S) name and incidents are mentioned in 29 ‘Paraas’ out of 30.

The Holy Quran is a miraculous book which can be learnt by heart.Furthermore,ALLAH has taken the responsibility to secure the text of the book.ALLAH has not taken such responsibility about other devine books.There are millions of ‘Huffaz’of the Holy Quran,all over the Muslim world.

The language of the Holy Quran is Arabic.ALLAH has made it easy to understand for the people who want to make it their source of guidance.In the early era of Islam,Muslims follows the teaching of Islam in letter and spirit.They applied its teaching in all walks of their lives without exception.That is why,they ruled the world.But today we recite daily repeatedly but do not apply its teaching in our practical lives.Rather we go on our own way.Today there are more than ‘1500’million Muslims around the globe.They have more than ’57’independent countries.But they do not have any important role in world’s politics and economy.This is all because,they have given up the teachings of the Holy Quran. .

The Holy Quran Is The Last Message Of ALLAH:

By summing up the discussion,we can say that the Holy Quran is the last message of ALLAH.This is a miraculous book.But this not just
to recite. This is to act upon.But, today,we recite it only for the ‘sawab’ of the dead.Someone has said,”ALLAH had made this book of livings but today we(the Muslims) have made it the book of the dead”.

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Fatima Az Zahra
7 years ago

JAZAKALLAH for such an authentic knowledge.just one mistake is there written largest instead of smallest surah for sura al KAUTHAR.

Smarty Àsif Ansari
Smarty Àsif Ansari
6 years ago

One of the great piece of content.

6 years ago

A brilliant essay very nice.

Thmina Nabiha
Thmina Nabiha
6 years ago

Jazak Allah for this message