Manners and Etiquette in Daily Life

Manners and Etiquette in Daily Life:

We live in the global world.This world is full of people and their ambitions.These people have different behaviors to each others. Manners and etiquette play vital role in our life and surrounding.The way of talking and gesture of a person tell us about his personality.We can guess the behavior and habits of any person after meeting and talking him.In this world,we have many relatives,friends,fellows and siblings.

Manners and Etiquette

We like people who have good behavior or manners and etiquette.We can say that,good manners and etiquette constructs a good society and bad manners or behavior demolish a good society.Bad behavior like a hazardous diseases who eat up a good society.

Good Manners And Etiquette:

People like a person who has finest behavior.He meets with the other people in a sweet way.His way of talking,behavior and greeting are pleasure and friendly.He welcomes the other people better way even they are young ,older and children even he know and doesn’t know that who are they?

He perpetually respects elders.He tries to understand other people.He doesn’t show off his wealth and ability before other people who have no these abilities and wealth.He tries to ignore the little fault of the people because he know that,man is made of mistakes.He is a statue of mistake.He always forgives to other people.He knows that every person have weakness due to this,he tries to overlook the little weakness of people.His behavior is full of pleasure and people feel happy with him.People always respect good behave persons and praise them.

Manners and Etiquette

He always respect the emotion and feelings of other people.He doesn’t speak painful words for others.For good manners and etiquette, We should be invariably use these forms of good conversation words like please,thanks,sorry,welcome and no thanks etc.We should not be use absurd words.We should be always speak truth because our way of walk and talk create a good image in front of other people.

Bad Manners And Behavior:

Society don’t like bad behavior people.People don’t like their way of talking because their way of talking are rudely.Bad behavior people don’t overlook the little fault of other people.They don’t help of other people in bad period,difficulties and problems.They always show off their possess on the other and poor people.They can’t continuously friendship for long time because their mind are full of mistakes and faults and their behavior are rudely and selfish.They don’t respect elders and they always tell  a lie.

Manners and Etiquette

They don’t listen to advice of other people.They don’t have penitence that is why they feel angry on their mistakes of other people very soon.They perpetually hurt the emotions and feeling  of other people.People can’t entertain in the company of bad manners people.People dislike these types of peoples.


We want to adopt and develop good behavior and is benefit for us.We want to get rid a bad company of friends and others people 🙂

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