How to Make Better Snippets For Search Engine Users

Creating meta description is something needs your creativity because Google uses meta description in their searching algorithms. This article actual purpose to let you know how to make better snippets for search engine users. Let’s go ahead by taking one example if you are a normal internet user. And you are searching for some information on Google so as a normal user so, you will simply type any query or head keyword in Google search bar. The second reaction would be Google give you some of the most relevant results in return.

How to Make Better Snippets For Search Engine Users

How Google find out these are the most relevant queries exist around the internet related to your query or keyword because around the internet there are hundreds of web pages just on a single keyword so how the Google provided results have the proper solutions for which the user are searching. Let’s figure out!

According to the Google official published an article on 2 June 2017, over the past 10 years, they were using DMOZ meta description because it consisted of high-quality content but now as we know that the Dmoz has ended on 17th March 2017 so now Google relying on Webmaster provided description completely.
According to the Google, Google algorithms use two things for the position of the snippet (description) the article content and meta description these both are now playing the significant role in ranking.

If you ask me how the meta description should be? so my answer would be, the meta description is something like your whole article summary it should contain on those factors which you added in your content. You need to write your description precise, relevant to your content and spectacular.
Also, Google reveals in a new statement that meta description has no limit in characters but as we know that search engine every snippet has a particular width so due to that if your snippet is bigger than 160 characters so Google will be automatically truncate the rest of the description.

As well as, NOODP tag is no longer support in search engine snippet if you remove it so that will not impact on your ranking anymore. Because Google is not supporting that one tag even not using that anymore.

As always, if you have any questions so feel free write it below or join us directly on our community forum.

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Shailesh Manjrekar
Shailesh Manjrekar
6 years ago

Thank for sharing, is there any tool available to create Snippets?

Siraj Mahmood
6 years ago

If you are WordPress user so SEO Yoast can help you in that. By the way, Snippets doesn’t need any tool. Its simple and can be done manually.

Maulik Shah
Maulik Shah
6 years ago

Thanks for sharing.