Magento Ecommerce Platform Review

How Magento looks like from yours perspective? that was the most confusion created question for me 2 years ago. I just started to learn Magento two years ago, i just heard about Magento from mouth of the world. Probably i even don’t know what is Magento and what is does? So i decided to work on it to gain experience and get their conclusion. This article will be definitely useful for you, if you reading it for getting to know about Magento pros and cons, and also to know about my experience with it in these years. Let’s start, Magento ecommerce platform review from each perspective.

Magento Ecommerce Platform Review

Magento Ecommerce Platform Review:

Magento is a highly designed and open source ecommerce platform. Anyone can use and customize Magento as per their requirement. Magento has the prominent and detailed customized options to give a great look to your online store. Now we are going on Magento review to talk on it’s each perspective or options.

Orders – Invoices & Shipments:

As we said that Magento has great features, in which Orders and their completion process are listed at the top ones. When someone will place an order then Magento will notify you via email and also preview on your Magento Dashboard where you can go ahead to process this order and check it out complete invoice preview, in which you can see customer name, email, delivery address, telephone etc. These information is enough to communicate with your customer further.

Magento Ecommerce Platform Review orders and shipping

when you departure your customer product, then Magento will also send them a notify email from Magento interface that their ordered product has been shipped. Thus, you can stay in touch with your customer in real-time.

Manage Product – Categories & Attributes:

In this Magento review, we must highlight most crucial part of this ecommerce platform which is Attributes. In other words, in Magento all game is about Attributes because this one aspect that we need on the time of managing and entering of products. Key attribute for T-Shirt, shirt size, shirt brand, shirt color, shirt width etc and Key attributes for a Laptop is, Brand, Processor, Disk Storage, Ram, Battery Cells, Camera etc.

Magento Ecommerce Platform Review attributes

Manage products and categories on magneto is awesome because there are numerous of options includes product type, product description, prices, Inventory to set up in/out stock, Meta tags for Seo, images with Alt tag, gift and promotion facility, related products and product reviews and much more.

Magento Ecommerce Platform Review Manage Product

Static Blocks and Widgets:

Static blocks are the place in Magento where you can stick banners and slider on your store layout. Static blocks are the most necessary and creative part of Magento store back-end.

Magento Ecommerce Platform Review Static Blocks

Simply create static blocks and pages and assign that particular page homepage. Almost Magento layout comes from static blocks and widgets. There are so many options to customize your blocks as per like.

Magento Configuration Panel:

That is the vital place, where you can set up your entire store major settings. Like Store general settings, Web design, currency setup, contacts, reports, catalog, filter products, inventory, Google sitemap, promotions, sales, Payment methods, shipping methods, shipping charges setup and further Magento core features.

Magento Ecommerce Platform Review configuration

According to my experience, in Magento configuration panel there are more than 500 options exist to customize store with more reliability.

Many of my readers and students claim that Magento is slow sometimes. But my approach says, that is not true that depends on your theme files, almost market themes comes with heavy weight coding which put burden on your server-side. Another one reason can be your hosting, Magento can not be run on simple shared hosting, you should need to purchase at least HostGator business plan or VPN cloud hosting service.

If someone ask to me to rate Magento as per my experience, so i would give 4.7 out of 5. Magento can be difficult for beginners but not impossible to understand.

Please beware about somethings before developing or product entries on Magento, which is image optimization and too much necessary form Seo point of view.

Let us know, if you find this article useful and valuable for your Magento journey. For more discussion on that Magento ecommerce, you may directly contact us or can leave your comment below.

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