Link Baiting Vs Link Building Difference

You will be well familiar with link building but did you ever heard about link baiting. Link baiting is also a prominent factor of Search engine optimization same like link building. Majority of user has conceptions about link baiting so this article is to let them know, link baiting vs link building and their difference between each other.

Link Baiting Vs Link Building Difference

Link Baiting Vs Link Building:

To be honest there is no comparison between among them because both are crucial and SEO can not be complete without done both. In someone ask you the definition of link baiting so your’s answer should be “Link baiting is an inverse of Link Building” In simple words, link building is a process to built presence on external sites, and for building links we go over-there and start interacting about our brand conversely in link baiting we put the entire strength in our content whereas people come on it and found our content valuable then they linked that article, infographics, slides, videos on their blog or website because they found it useful that’s why they shared or linked this particular page. That’s how link baiting works!

Links Baiting Valuable Sources:

If you look around you, so you will find out so many sites which are describing so many guidance in the shape of infographics, slides from slideshare, informative or custom designed images, audience survey/polls, videos from YouTube even if you need some technical developer side code so you embed the GitHub code on your site to let them know to your users. These are the prominent sources and methods of link baiting. Linking some good and useful content through link, this means that website owner getting good amount of link baiting and then Google trust on that content because of users interest.

In the above video, i explained about link baiting clearly which helps you alot. If your written content is good so your link baiting ratio would be higher and then you don’t need to worry about backlinks people will itself give your page as a reference in their content because at that time they will realize they are reading some useful or informative stuff.

Let us know, what you think about link baiting and link building and how both are playing their roles in Search engine optimization.

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