Learn How to Promote Your OWN Business On Internet

On internet numerous ways are available to promote your own business. Almost are non-experienced but today I’ll reveal some effective and few will be usual from among these but will be work effectively to promote your own business on internet.

  1. Make a Website (Built your virtual shop to deal with clients)
  2. Stylize Your Brand (Logo, Web Designing, Creative & Unique Look)
  3. Create & Built Your Social Presence
  4. SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  6. Tradeshows (Physically Interact to Community)
  7. Press Release (See Your Business in Prominent Headlines)
  8. Email Marketing (Broadcast email on right time to right person)
  9. Affiliate Marketing (Sell our product with your reference and Get 30% commission of the whole amount)
  10. Infographics (Describe your service presentation or process graphically)

Learn How to Promote Your OWN Business On Internet

1. Make a Website:

Most powerful and valuable source is website from where your client can get satisfaction because of your virtually presence or keep in touch with you very easily.

A Website can be a virtual shop, a service provider such as web hosting, client based servers,  online flight booking, pizza delivery etc. Even a restaurant guy can open their website and tell them all people’s around their city/state/country or to particular audience that what he is selling and share their contact details there.

According to my perception a website can be proven better than your thoughts. Just you need a right direction and right person who put you at the top of the stairs without facing any troubles.

To start a website, just you need a .com/.net/.info/.org/.edu domain name and a secure hosting server to start your journey.

Why Domain and Hosting & What that is?

Domain and hosting are two most crucial part of website. Without domain & hosting you cannot go ahead. Domain is a particular web address which helps users to reach to your business page same like your physical shop or office address.

Hosting is a place where your data will be stored such as text/images/videos etc. In simple words, hosting is a location which you rent out for a particular time period to host your website data, in technical line we says ‘servers’.

Usually a .com domain cost is $9.99 USD unlike Hosting cost vary with different companies. We recommend few hosting providers HostGator, Siteground and HosterDay. For initial level business their shared hosting packages are good to go.

You can simply check it out HosterDay pricing by using the below link:


All mentioned hosting providers are already experienced by us and above hosting servers data centers located in USA.

2. Stylize Your Brand:

Under this topic we will talk about some necessary things related to web designing. A good website should have a proper graphical designed logo. Sometimes logo puts a great impression on clients and compel them to take a try of services.

Another side of this branding is, your website layout structure. It should be simple and unique. Every website have three sections or parts such as Headers, Body Container AND Footer. Inside headers a logo right hand side section for a particular advertisement depends on client requirements and a navigation bar (Additional can be on top before the logo and right hand section).

Body container contains so many aspects as usual it depends on your business such as for a blogger inside the body container a post title or before title a full width images etc. and after the title absolute post content can be a combination of anything such as text, images, galleries, videos, slides, documents and so many.

And in the footer as usual copyrights text or can place few things such as social media icons, few specific links etc.

All graphically task should be done in Adobe illustrator or Corel Draw or Photoshop.

3. Create & Built Your Social Presence:

Until you have no social presence, you cannot be a pro-business person. Nowadays every internet user spending at least 2 hour in a day on social platforms whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. So the question is that how you can grab the business from Social media? Is that something kind of trick? Not exactly! But there are so many ways and one of them is Facebook Business Page. Same like this every celebs have their Facebook pages to interact their fans or convey their thoughts and daily updates etc. Only once click and your product is in front of millions of targeted audience.

Around internet there is no numbers of social media platforms but popular are few ones. Just imagine if you promote your product on all of them so how much business you can grab it in a day/week/month or a particular time period.

Social media presence also a great tool to keep in touch with your clients in every minute. Even you can sell you products on your social media pages by integrating apps with your business page. Just you need a plan and strategy from our expert’s consultants which can put your business on the heights of mountains.

4. SEM (Search Engine Marketing):

SEM abbreviation is search engine marketing, which is now becoming the most popular marketing trends in this era due to quick results.

In this area, SEM covered all kinds of advertisements in online market such as AdWord, Facebook and their special feature re-marketing as well as Adroll re-targeting. In re-targeting or re-marketing sense, let’s suppose if a user watch your ad on xyz.com and quite from this website after few time period without clicking on your ads so advertiser note this action and probably after 2 or 3 days later if this person also search for same keyword and this time user go to another different website so advertiser run their database recorded query and show your ad their again. So thus, user will see your ad again and again and this strategy compel user to click on it, this kind of SEM strategies called ad for conversion or re-targeting.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO covers almost all aspects of website even from designing to ending generate sales steps. But it is all about organic traffic not paid marketing as above SEM.

Search Engine Optimization has widely categorized and have many factors. It has two types, which are mentioned below respectively. Join Our SEO Training Program For beginners.

On Page SEO:

Off Page SEO:

6. Tradeshows:

Tradeshows now become the part of New trendy marketing tactics in 2016 from brand recognition perspective Yes. Actually tradeshows is the core factor of marketing. Attend tradeshows and interact with the community directly very effective way generate positive image in front of the world. First prepare yourself and note the highlighted points in the notebook then engage with communities. Almost popular bloggers, entrepreneur are doing or following this strategy to build their brand image among their audience.

7. Press Release:

In fact, press release is the factor of off-page Seo but marketing too. Press release should be concise and their headlines should be consist on significant words. Press release can be done on several platforms such as news magazine sites, even own sites, Facebook pages/notes/ LinkedIn etc. But we recommend to write your press release on news magazine popular sites such as Huffington post, nytimes, Forbes etc.

8. Email Marketing:

Email marketing is not new but style and way now become more modern. Broadcast emails on right time to right audience is now possible not few users only, even you can send or target your audience in millions and can send it simultaneously without any trouble.

You can individually setup your email templates or formats for multiple task such as for welcome email, membership purchase email, and daily/weekly/monthly newsletter update. Every email format would have different style and format even can target audience categories such as technology users, science users or can play with the users provided data dynamically. Launch specific campaigns for target audience and can get a complete audit report about clicks, impression, received, opens, geo locations and much more.

9. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is old but still most effective business, especially for those guys who are receiving good amount of traffic on their sites. Affiliate marketing meaning, if you sell another shopkeeper product then he will give you a small part of commission in their product amount depends on shopkeeper margin and product value. Affiliate marketing is very transparent business on internet but for this you need to become a very genius guy.

  • Find the best affiliate companies who are offering big commissions like Shopify, HostGator, Elegant Themes
  • Promote their links, banners through various ways, (Blogging, Email marketing, Social Media Sharing and Most Effective is YouTube video marketing)
  • Affiliate marketing is more effective than ads network, because sometimes your PPC goes down or some fluctuations spoil your whole withdrawal budget but in affiliate a fixed amount or commission is assigned for you against any selling product or service.

10. Infographics:

A better way to present products, services and their process how to and how to done. Actually infographics is an emerging and classy way to express the product in graphical form. Same like that you can put these infographics to guest blogging sites by linking them your pages, Even almost folks put their website addresses on infographics images, and it is also work as a watermark to make their infographics copyrighted.

Let us know, if you think we wrote a good one article for our readers about promote your own business on internet. But keep remember that all are not free approximately required little investment to perform those tactics or steps. If you have any question so please join us on our community forum or can leave your comment below.

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