Learn 5 Important Things Before Starting Website

Do you know? What things you should consider before starting website. 80% of starters are not acquainted about their future plans. That is why, Probably beginners does face troubles in their journey. In today article, we will highlight things and aspect that are important before starting website.

Learn 5 Important Things Before Starting Website:

Website is not a tiny business because it is considered as the world largest online business. If you are deciding to starting a website to deliver your knowledge or services, so you are now becoming the member of spectacular and profitable business. It is not about me and you, it is all about folks to which you are going to serve.

Planning and Implementation:

Every business start with planning and then we implement our perceptions into visual forms. Planning is the basic level or step of success because it works in future definitely.

Important Things Before Starting Website Planning
Planning and Implementation

First you should plan about, what you will deliver knowledge or service. Secondly plan about website categories and their content. Thirdly plan about, how many fixed time in a day you can spend on your website to promote your business. Thus, Plan every small and large task in better sequence.

Domain & Hosting (Most Important Point):

Domain and hosting are playing primary role in website, without domain and hosting you may not go ahead. At this level, you should be professional and think from your 6 sense. Because domain should be relevant from your business category like if you want to run a tech based website then domain should be like techgadgets[Dot]com. Irrelevant and inappropriate domain name can spoil your website niche and search engine rank.

Another major thing is hosting, what you think about a good hosting? I will recommend you to read Buy Affordable and Reliable Web Hosting Service.

Important Things Before Starting Website domain and hosting
Domain and Web Hosting

Note: .com domain name and hosting is necessary to start online website business. So firstly you should invest at least $50 from your pocket to buy domain and hosting. We will recommend you to buy domain and hosting from HostGator (World largest and trustworthy web hosting service provider). Without domain and hosting, you can’t able to start your online business, third part domain names like example[Dot]WordPress[Dot]com and example[Dot]Blogger[Dot]com are not capable to earn money at commercial level.

Which Website Platform You Are Going With:

Platform matters 100% because after domain selection and purchase hosting you should think about website platform on which your website will be run.

Important Things Before Starting Website platforms
Which Website Platform Your Are Going With

Here are two concepts, one is custom design of your website layout properly from any designer or himself. Due to unaware of coding languages and low-level budget, every beginner level person can not go with custom web design. Secondly go with open source platform, where every thing is already decorate in appropriate form. Popular open source platforms for web building are WordPress, Joomla and Blogger. I will recommend you WordPress because it comes with additional and maximum features without any cost.

Read and Watch WordPress Guide For Beginners

What kind of Content You Are Delivering:

After chosen website platform, you should think about website content. Here is a prominent question mark, what kind of typical content you are delivering on your web page. As we talk above, content and domain relevancy should be exist.

Important Things Before Starting Website content
What Kind of content you are delivering

Two types of website exist on internet market, one of which are delivering their knowledge in shape of article and tutorials. Secondly offering something like web hosting, web development services in particular region etc. Both are good and have a bright future in this emerging online market.

Can You Give Proper Time With Consistency:

Biggest drawback when some quit the business only for the lack of time. This kind of situation occur when someone is doing dual jobs at the same time. Most of my students and friends told me that they are going to start their online business, so my suggestion is always same like before. Which is that “Do not play with double-handed because it can be risky and risk should not exist in online business”.

At least give 8 hours out of 24 hours to your online business. Because time is money and now it’s up to you how you earn this money.

Important Things Before Starting Website time
Time is money

Let us know, if you find this article same like for which you are searching. If you are searching reliable web hosting to start your online business then I would suggest you Buy HostGator Web Hosting. Must read HostGator review for your satisfaction. For more discussion and your opinions, leave your comment below.

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