Law for RunNet By Russian Government

Law for RunNnet

Almost at the start of this year. President Vladimir Putin has signed a law for RunNet. Basically, this was a strategic step to put in place the division of RunNnet which in past has been approved by Russian Parliament. This law bounds Russian operated telecommunication organizations to re-route their traffics and it can be done via exchange points approved by Russian telecommunication authority. Because, Russian authorities does not want to route their information from a point which is vulnerable to interception.

A Law for RunNet by Russia

Tests for RunNnet Project

Despite the fact that the law for RunNet has been passed this year. However, this ambition project already involved the work of several years. Moreover, this month Russian officials have leaped forward. Officials have conducted a series of tests in order to examine whether their internet when separated from global internet DNS system and internet structure than does this project have the capacity to work smoothly. Basically, it’s like turning an internet into intranet. Tests were conducted on last Monday with the aid of telecommunications companies, local internet providers and government agencies. Government officials have said that they have tested the RnNet service in different scenario of disconnection. For instance government backed simulation of cyber-attack. However, over a half of cyber-attacks were successful and they were able to breach Russian defense. This shows RunNet program require much more improvement.


A Law for RunNet By Russian Government

Digital Minister Aleksei Sokolov while addressing to reporters has said.

Digital Minister of Russia Aleksei Sokolov

“Our goal was to provide an uninterrupted internet service on Russian territory under any circumstances. The outcomes of the review showed that government agencies and communications operators are ready to respond effectively to threats and to ensure the internet and communications operate effectively.”

Moreover, minster added that he will submit trial tests reports to President Putin for review in year 2020.

Segregation of RunNet

The separation of the RunNet is an integral part of digital economy national program. Basically, this program is a plan to provide Russian government power to control every flow of information over internet which goes through their country. So it is also an internet power centralization project. Under this program government. If, in any case threatened by traffic than can cut off the exchange point of a party. Basically, Russian has promulgated laws to control the traffic because of an aggressive American government policy towards the cyber security.

With the development of sovereign internet Russian might be in better position to fend of cyber-attacks. But such projects as critics indicated could lead towards higher internet restriction and surveillance. On the other hand, Putin has dismissed these concerns. Moreover, President said. An autonomous internet could also be a free internet.

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