KnowledgeIDea Forum Announcement

We are glad to announce KnowledgeIDea forum community. Today we are happy to do this announcement for our readers and subscribers all over the world. Sounds cheerful and enthusiasm because our new community now is ready to launch. 26 Sep 2015 is the luckiest and new journey day, where we start this community journey, where millions of users can be interacted with each other simultaneously.

KnowledgeIDea Forum:

The primary reason to create this community is to promote readers voice and their interest. Every new beginner want answer for their questions because only Q&A can remove the conflict and hesitation among many things. That’s is why our team members suggest us to introduce a community platform, where user can stand their voice and get back their answer as soon as possible by other community users and team.

KnowledgeIDea Forum Overview
KnowledgeIDea Forum Overview

KnowledgeIDea forum is highly designed and using powerful Digital Ocean VPS cloud server. Digital Ocean infrastructure are user friendly and initial beginner can go ahead without any hurdle. Another vital reason to choose go with digital ocean is, there server performance are outstanding 99.9% Uptime, if there is any downtime happen then they will return your money back instantly.

Knowledge IDea community is designed under considering the user convenience, incredible fast loading speed 2.15 sec, whereas, we are not using any cache and compression tool yet.

KnowledgeIDea Forum Speed test
KnowledgeIDea Forum Speed test

Knowledge IDea forum community users can create topic and drop in any related category.

KnowledgeIDea Forum Create Topic Overview
KnowledgeIDea Forum Create Topic Overview

Our community leaders monitoring each forum user activities so their is no chance for spamming. Our community team moderators will review your created topics/threads then will reply back to you with best possible answer for that. Thus, you will be also able to reply again if there any excuse/problem exist.

At this time, KnowledgeIDea forum major categories are listed below,

  • Introduction (We recommend you submit at least one reply there)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • WordPress (Themes, plugins, resources, tips, tutorials, troubleshooting, errors etc)
  • Web hosting (Services, limited time offers, News)
  • Marketplace (Premium Services, discount offers etc)
  • Google (News, announcements)
  • Social Media
  • Make Money
  • Learn English (Coming Soon)

On KnowledgeIDea forum, we are using user badge dynamic system. Day by day with your daily activities (Create topic/reply/Likes/mentions etc) will increase your trust level from new user to basic, at this time 4 level exist in our forum system.

0 (New) → 1 (Basic) → 2 (Member) → 3 (Regular) → 4 (Leader)

Check it out the user trust level and see what they can do in community with these permissions.

KnowledgeIDea Forum User Trust Level
KnowledgeIDea Forum User Trust Level

There are other number of reward badges like promoter, campaigner, champion, great topic/link, 1 year anniversary etc.

KnowledgeIDea Forum Trust level badges
KnowledgeIDea Forum Trust level badges

We divide the forums users from below to above level, thus community users can trust on higher level users because of their higher ratings and positive feedback. Everyone user in community can see another user badges or trust level and also can send private messages to contact him.

Charming and attractive user profiles look, where you will be able to configure your account settings and much more.

KnowledgeIDea Forum user profile view
KnowledgeIDea Forum user profile

We open our forum doors for all interested users, who want to promote their passion and career. Hopefully, you will feel so enjoy and feel proud to be the member of this community. Please submit your feedback regrading our service and performance on community forum.

If you are ready to go ahead so join KnowledgeIDea community forum today! There is no fee, completely free of cost platform only created for basic to professional level users. Now it’s your turn to say me ‘Hi’ on that forum 🙂

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