Keywords Cannibalization in Seo

Do you know? What is keywords cannibalization and how to tackle that issue. Probably, you never heard this word before. It is slightly typical to understand cannibalization in Seo but not impossible. Let’s elaborate this topic for better understanding because it is crucial in search engine optimization. Keywords cannibalization is something kind of hole in your website and that should not be exist on your site. Keywords cannibalization existence on website can create many problems which can demote your site rank.

Keywords Cannibalization in Seo

Keywords Cannibalization:

If we describe keywords cannibalization in simple words, so that mean is if you’re utilizing any single particular keyword on several pages. So that is not an easy task for Google crawler or spiders to understand that word pages are most relevant on this keywords.

In other words keywords cannibalization is that, this is an internal linking structure problem when you are targeting multiple pages on same keywords or any single keyword so then cannibalization issue is occurred.

Let’s suppose, if you have 4 pages on your website and all these four pages focusing on single or their sub keywords such as snowboards, kids snowboards, teens snowboards etc

Keywords Cannibalization in Seo

So Google robot is confused because robot can not understand that what page is most relevant from above four that is Seo cannibalization issue.

So what is the solution or alternative of this tragic issue from Seo perspective. Your all pages should be point to original and most relevant page instead of another irreverent pages. See the below image for better understanding and clarification.

Keywords Cannibalization in Seo

In the above image, you can clearly see the cannibalization issue solution. All pages, which contains snowboards sub keywords pointing to its original and most relevant page keyword snowboards through hyperlink. Now Google can easily understand the entire theory of above internal linking strategy.

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Keywords Cannibalization in SEO by knowledgeidea

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