Keyword Selection & Placement – SEO Training For Beginners

As you know, we covered SEO types and factor in the earlier SEO training tutorial. Now in this tutorial, we will talk about “How to write SEO optimized content” with ease. Writing an article is not a headache, mostly persons can do this itself or can hire someone writer. Writing an SEO optimized content is the actual victory of a good blogger. That is why, I’m here to show you that how you can  able to write a well SEO optimized content.

SEO Training Lesson 3:

Following major aspects will be count in this writing content process.

  1. Keywords Selection
  2. Keywords Placement
  3. Keywords Density

Above three points highlight the content writing process according to the SEO. If you are going to write an article for your blog, then it is your responsibility that, written content should be SEO optimized. After watching this tutorial, You will be able to write a SEO optimized content itself without any hesitation. Now watch the tutorial with full concentration.

If you watched the above tutorial, so now you will be familiar with content writing according to SEO. Google keyword planner is a finest tool to search/analyze keywords even you can comparison multiple keywords with others. Secondly, keyword placement is the main objective of this SEO training.

Tips and Cautions:

If you want long time effective SEO, then memorize few things, which can boost you article presence in search engine.

Article should be in concise and precise form. Article length should be minimum 300 words and maximum no threshold. Article keywords density should be more than 1.0%, which means that, repeat your keywords at least 7 times in article body. Do not use long sentences during writing article. Article title length should be less than 70 characters (Recommended).

Let us know, if you got the exact point in this tutorial, In contrary, If you doesn’t understand the main part of this tutorial then you can convey  your troubles and problems  via comment.

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