Keyword Density in Seo Articles

Keyword Density:

Keyword density is a percentage of particular word or phrase appearance in the entire words on that page/post etc. Keyword density is used to tell them search engine that this page is relevant to certain topic. Keyword density should be 1 to 3 percent because it is useful for search engine to understand. Utilize your keywords in your articles, post, news, pages etc. Sometimes newbies are not aware about keyword density so they utilize bulk of keywords on single page or post. So if you are using lot of keywords so it could be considered a spamming. For example, If you are prepare an article belongs to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) So this article keywords could be, search engine optimization, Seo tips, Seo tutorial, these given three keywords are valid and relevant to the topic. On the other hand side, If you use redundant keywords for this post like, web development and WordPress, So there is no criteria meet with that post.

Keyword Density

Now search engines are smart and they optimize itself and allows only valid and superior website. That’s why Seo experts recommend to choose valuable keywords.

Keyword Density Formula:

To measure  our articles keyword density, We uses this formula to calculate our articles/post keywords density or strength. See the below formula.

Keyword Density

Above formula express that, How many times use of keywords divided with the total number of words in that article and finally multiply the result with 100.  According to Seo experts, If you analyze your article with that formula then your site appearance will be increase in search results.

I personally recommend you, Use your choose keywords in images with alt tag. You can read that, “How To Optimize Images“. Keyword density is one of the fundamental factor in Organic Seo. Sometimes you will feel tricky with it .Because it will take you time but believe me, You can avail benefit from it. Until your keyword density is sturdy.So, search engine will give preference to your site. You can check or analyze the criteria of your competitors and his Seo infrastructure. Let us know about your inspiring ideas through comments. 😉

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