Keeping Your Work Place Fresh and Stimulating

When you first start a job, or when you’ve moved your business to a new office, there’s a certain special feeling that’s difficult to recapture. It’s a stimulating “freshness” that comes with beginning something new and exciting. With being in a fresh and new environment. That sensation can be a really satisfying one that spurns you to do some really great work. As any savvy business owner must know by now, the environment in which your employee works in fundamental in getting them into a good mindset. And a good mindset helps them be more efficient and productive.

Keeping Your Work Place Fresh and Stimulating

But most offices don’t really get updated that often. Check out an old photo of your office, perhaps one from a few years ago. Look at your office now. The chances are that not much has changed at all. Maybe some new faces are around. Maybe some old ones have gone. But the people still there? They’ve been working in the same old office for quite some time now. Here are some tips for getting your office feeling fresh and stimulating more often.

Are You Sure You Don’t Just Need a New Office?

Before we start making suggestions for your current office, here’s something you should consider. Is it time to move into a new office? If you’re feeling your current office isn’t quite stimulating enough, then you should figure out why exactly that is. Are there things falling apart? Is the building out in the middle of nowhere, so people are a little tired from travel when they arrive in the morning? With all that staff expansion, is it not as spacious as it used to be?

Keeping Your Work Place Fresh and Stimulating New Office

If people aren’t happy with the office for reasons like this, then it might be better to start looking into a new office entirely. Somewhere deeper in the city with more convenient transportation. Maybe in a cooler, more modern building. Make you know how to change your registered office address so you don’t get into trouble with your clients or the government!

Keep it Clean and Fresh:

Most offices these days hire cleaners to come in after hours and have a tidy up. But there’s a lot that contributes to the feeling of cleanliness and freshness that those cleaners probably won’t be dealing with.

Keeping Your Work Place Fresh and Stimulating

They’re probably vacuuming the floors, especially if you have carpet in your office. But what about the dust that’s been building up in your computers? Open up your computer and look around the fans. That dust build up means your computers will be expelling hot, dusty air into the office all day. Get that cleaned up! You should also ensure employees are able to open windows so they can get some fresh air in there. (If you can call city air “fresh”.)

Keep it Interesting:

Are your office walls still that off-white colour they were when you first bought the place? Well, I’m not going to suggest painting them in a different colour. Weird colours on office walls can sometimes be quite distracting, though this depends on the mindset of your employees. But how much less white are those walls these days?

Keeping Your Work Place Fresh and Stimulating Keep it interesting

Run a damp cloth over the walls to see if that off-white isn’t actually a dusty, dirty white. Get those walls cleaned or, better yet, repainted white! Once that’s done, get art hanging up all around the office. The great thing about this is that you can change up the art every few weeks to keep the images from getting stale!

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