Karl Marx And His Major Works

Karl Heinrich Marx was born on (5 May,1818). He was born in the city of “Trier”. Trier is the city of Prussia, now Germany. Karl Marks was one of nine children to his parents. His father name is “Heinrich Marx”.

Karl Marx and his major works
Karl Marx and his major works

His father was a lawyer. His father was read to few author like “Voltaire” and “Kant”, for knowing their social commentary.

Karl Marx Education Life:

He got early education from own parents, then In 1835, he went to “University of Bonn” for taking the education of law but he was not interested in law and he didn’t show superior performance in the University of Bonn. Because he wanted to get knowledge of ”History” and “Philosophy”. After some time, his father sent him “University of Berlin”. He got the degree of PHD from “University of Jena”.

Karl Marx Personal Life:

In 1836, he had done engagement with “jenny Von Westphalen”. He fell in love of Jenny Von Wesphalen. Most interesting thing is that,his engagement was  revolutionary extreme.Firstly, she broke her first engagement just for Karl Marx because she love him and wanted to marry with him. Secondly, He belonged to medal class while Jenny belonged to elite segment.Thirdly, she was elder to Karl Marx .

Karl Marx and his personal life
Karl Marx and his personal life

They were good friends. He had good relation with his father in law. His father in law name was “Ludwig Von Westphalen” who was a  former widower. Jenny’s father and Karl Marx father were good friend because of that jenny and Karl Marx met with each other daily. According to Karl Marx, jenny was the most beautiful girl for him. Ultimately, he married with jenny in the “Bad Kreuznach” on 19 June 1843.

Karl Marx Children:

Jenny and Karl Marx had seven children whose names are:

  1. “Jenny Caroline” was their elder daughter who born in (1 May 1844). She was the patient of Bladder Cancer.She died in (11 January 1883).
  2. “Jenny Laura” was their second daughter who born in (26 September 1845) and died in (26 November 1911).
  3. “Charles Louis Henri Edger”  was the Son of Karl Marx . Who born in (3 February 1847) and he died in childhood when he died he was 8 years old. He died in (6 May 1855). 
  4. “Henry Edward Guy” was their fourth child who born in (5 September 1849) he also died in childhood when he was “One year” old. He died in (19 November 1850).
  5. Jenny Eveline Frances was their fifth child who born in (28 March 1851) and died in childhood like her sibling. She died in (14 April 1852).
  6. Jenny Julia Eleanor was their sixth child who born in London (16 January 1855). She committed suicide and she died in (31 March 1898). When she died her age was 43.
  7. And their last child Whose name is not mention in history, he died in (6 July 1857).
Karl Marx children
Karl Marx children

In 1844, Karl Marx met to “Fredrick Hegel” and they became good friend. He started to study of Hegel. Hegel followers were divided in two-part. First is “Left Hegelian”, second is “Right Hegelian”. He started to follow on left Hegelian. In which two personalities were eminent whose names are “Ludwig Feuerbach” and “Bruno Bauer”. He started work with the help of them on science of forest. In that era, he wrote some literature, dramas as a fond but they didn’t publish. He had  completed his PHD in 1841, the title of PHD was “The Difference Between the Democritean  and Epicurean Philosophy Of Nature”. He wanted to become a journalist. In 1842,he started to write in cologne newspaper “Rheinische Zeitung” newspaper as an editor but the government of cologne had censored this newspaper because of his radical posts in 1843. After that, he joined a revolutionary newspaper which name was “Deutsche Jahrbuchor” Unfortunately, the government of cologne had censored to this newspaper too. In 1843, He wrote and publish a book which name was “On the Jewish Question”. After that, he wrote his second book which name was “Contribution to a Critique of Hegel Philosophy of Right” Because of government restrictions they had decided to leave the Germany.

Karl Marx Life In Paris:

In 1843, they moved to Paris where he started in Paris newspaper which name was “Deutsche Franzosische Jahrbuchor”. But unfortunately, Paris government had censored to that newspaper. In 1844, Karl Marx met to “Fredrick Engels” that time Fredrick Engels had published his book which name was“Condition of the Working Class in England in 1844 “.

Karl Marx life in paris
Karl Marx life in paris

Karl Marx studied to this book and he got conclusion that, labours makes better future own their hardships. In 1845, Karl Marx and Engels started writing a book which name was “The Holy Family”. Along with, he worked on “The Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts” first time he gave the concept of “Alienation” in this book. In 1845, Karl Marx  published “Thesis on Feuerbach”. The most famous sentences of this thesis,

Philosophers Have only Interpreted The World. The Point,  However, Is To Change It.

That time, Karl mark was writing for a revolutionary newspaper which name was “Vorwarts”. Once more, the government of Paris censored to this newspaper and exiled to him.

Karl Marx Life In Brussels:

Before going to Brussels, he had promised that he will not take part in any type of  political analyst. He met to Moses Hess, Karl Heinzen, Joseph Wedemeyer. In Brussels, Karl Marx and Engels wrote a book which name was “The German Ideology”. In 1847, Karl Marx wrote an other book which name was “The Poverty Of Philosophy” After one year, he published his famous book which name was “Kommunistipuolueen manifesti”. The famous sentence of this book are:

The History Of All Hitherto Existing In The History Of Class Struggles.

In 1848, Karl Marx father died. After the death of his father Karl Marx found 6 thousand France. The government of Brussels blamed on the Karl Marx that he invested his money on weapons. The government of Brussels exiled him

Back in Germany:

After that, Karl Marx back to Germany and started to write for New “Rheinische Zeitung” . But unfortunately, the government of Germany censored to this newspaper and once more exiled to him. After that, Karl Marx moved to Paris but unfortunately, the government of Paris exiled him and he had to leave Paris.

Karl Marx Life In London:

In 1849, he took refuge in London which became his continuous living place but he did not get nationality of London. Karl Marx and Engels thought that the analysis of capitalist system and social skeleton is necessary.

Karl Marx life in london
Karl Marx life in London

In that era, he had to faced of poverty even he had no money to buried his son. He started to write in the “New York Daily Tribune”. Mostly of his,articles  linked from India. In 1852, He completed his book which name was “The 18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte”. In this book he explained they would have established a labour state. In 1849, He made an organization which name was “First Working International”. In 1867, Karl Marx published “Das Kapital” in which he talked about the capitalist system and exploiting of the poor.

Death Of Karl Marx:

Jenny passed away on 1881 and after the fifteen month of her death Karl Marx passed away on 14 March 1883.

Death of Karl Marx
Death of Karl Marx

Frederick Engels said at Karl Marx funeral;

    On the 14th of March, at a quarter to three in the afternoon, the greatest living thinker ceased to think. He had been left alone for scarcely two minutes, and when we came back we found him in his   armchair, peacefully gone to sleep—but forever.

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