Kalabagh Dam Issue in Pakistan

Kalabagh Dam Issue:

Energy crisis or load shedding is the most critical issue for Pakistan. This critical issue always force us to think about the building of kalabagh  dam and other reservoirs. But two provinces of Pakistan, Sindh and K.P.K. are strongly opposing the construction of kalabagh dam. Our economy has suffered a lot due to load shedding and not building dams.

Kalabagh Dam Issue in Pakistan

Kalabagh Dam Issue effects on Country Economy:

Millions of labourers and farmers have become unemployed. A big area of uncultivated land cannot be cultivated owing to the shortage of water and energy resources. Factories and mills are facing closure. Our agricultural and industrial production is not competitive in international market because of high prices of electricity. We are producing electricity from thermal resources. Thermal projects are very expensive because these are run by oil and gas.

On the contrary, power produced by hydel resources is very cheap. That is why, we always seriously think about the construction of kalabagh dam and other reservoirs on facing the energy shortage or load shedding.

Kalabagh Dam Overview:

Kalabagh dam is to be built on Indus river. But K.P.K. objects that it will be dangerous for Nowshera in case of flood while Sindh is of the view that it will have to face water shortage in case of building any new dam on indus river. These are two main hurdles in the way of its building. But the experts contradict these things. Rather, they have totally opposing opinion.

There are many other dams which can also be built. Basha, Munda, and Okori dams are some important projects of water reservoirs. They can give us cheap electricity, which will be helpful in getting rid of load shedding. They can also provide us additional water, Which will cultivate vast area of land. If we keep on relying on thermal units, it will be disastrous because oil price are getting higher and higher. Furthermore, we are also facing shortage of natural gas too. Experts say that we can also fulfill our needs by constructing smaller dams.


The fact is that energy and fresh water shortage will be the most problematic issue for the world  in future. This issue can be very dangerous thing for Pakistan, if we do not use our potential wisely. We have rivers but we don’t built dams. That is why, we are facing load shedding and water shortage.

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