Jetpack WordPress Plugin Incredible Features List

Jetpack is a fully featured WordPress plugin equipped with innumerable features. Jetpack WordPress plugin features makes your website more flexible than others. Jetpack plugin keeps more than 30 beneficial features. Jetpack is the only one solution of various needs. Now we are going to highlight the Jetpack WordPress plugin features list with its usage.

Jetpack WordPress Plugin best Features List

Jetpack WordPress Plugin Features List:

  • A finest comment box below every single post, Jetpack comment box is able to log in with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.
  • Second interesting feature is built-in contact form with contact form builder. Contact form will promote and help you to make discussion and feedback among your audience and you. You can easily create custom contact forms with in minutes along this feature.
  • Infinite Scroll, probably you will be familiar with this features and his implements. Most of news magazine website enable this features to promote his news stories.
  • Now you can enable Likes feature inside Jetpack and appreciate any comment, this feature motivate your users and will give him a hope of success.
  • Mobile theme feature will make your website complete responsive. Responsive websites easily can open from any mini devices, similarly, your visitors will increase day by day.
  • Monitor is the spectacular option inside Jetpack plugin, maybe you will not be familiar with it. If your website going with downtime then Jetpack will send you an email or give you alarm. Actually, Jetpack monitoring your website in every 5 minute, if they find any downtime then they will drop a notification email in your inbox. So, now your website is in your fingertips.
  • Spelling and Grammar feature is really appreciated because this feature reduces the grammatical mistakes chances.
  • Site Verification features is used to verify your website in search engines. Means that, you can insert your Google Webmaster verification meta script, Bing verification script and pinterest script with the help of this feature.
  • Extra sidebar widget now makes easy to add social profile, image gallery and twitter widget also. Now you can simply add any social profile badge without any hesitation, now no need any deeply coding.
  • Subscription system, Jetpack plugin have integrated complete subscription system. Read made subscription form widget with simple look.
  • Wp Shortlink feature automatically generate a distinctive short link for each published post, which can grab audience attention on social media sites.
  • Site icon facility is similar like favicon. You can use it, if your theme doesn’t support favicon option.
  • Jetpack Stats feature make user crazy, because this feature tracks website audience hits, impression, location, refers sites traffic in depth. Jetpack stats is not better than Google Analytics but nearly both features are relatively same.
  • Related post features under every post, social sharing integrated facility, custom galleries widgets, Publicize option to share your published post on social media automatically,

Above mentioned features list is major categorized in Jetpack WordPress plugin. All are crucial and have amazing features with his applications. Hopefully, we covered every single aspect of this magnificent plugin. If you have more emerging and inspirational ideas, so you can join us. For more assistance leave you feedback or opinion below. 😉

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