Jess Mcdonal Backes Topic Focused Seo Content Generation Strategy Over Keyword

In a recent search engine show, an eminent SEO [Search Engine Optimization] planner at International Business Machine, the Jess McDonald has eloquently revealed his valued outlook about market oriented strategies for SEO content generation namely, topic focus strategy and keyword focus strategy. Specifically, this interview entailed:

  • delineation of topic focus and keyword focus strategy;
  • outline of topic strategy and
  • pros of focus strategy over keywords strategy.

Precisely, the subsequent part of this article will embark about foregoing points along with ancillary statements given by the Jess McDonald.

Jess McDonal

Delineation of Topic Focus and Keyword Focus Strategy:

Over last few years, as search engines have evolved and employed new methods such as, BERT [Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers] and E-A-T [Expertise, Authority, and Trust] which have provided organization’s with significant opportunity to leapfrog in generating content for SEO and several, organization’s lately have shifted from keyword focus to topic focus. In first, while generating a website/page that one wishes to rank, he/she has to look for some keywords that should be the focus of page and these words would be focal points of a page or website. Whereas, later strategy is not just based on keywords that a page or website should focus on instead it’s a more holistic type of approach in which SEO content generation require in-depth analysis of multiple pages along with their possible associations so, content of SEO should be patterned in a problem solving manner where content should cover the main focus and other auxiliary related elements of content which are probably attached to it.

Jess McDonal:

…“there are multiple things you need to cover. You need to cover more of that broad early funnel sort of content, that someone’s really just trying to figure out what problem they’re actually having”…

… “to create a page that you wanted to rank for, you did some keyword research on the keyword you wanted the page to really focus on, and basically that’s what you targeted on the page. Cut and dry, pretty simple.

Outline of Topic Strategy:

Successful topic focus strategy require one to spend adequate time on strategy generation by being fully mindful of essential and supplementary products or services of organization’s offering. Finding vital keywords for product/service and then put it in any relevant tool to get an idea about its relevance with offers and other products that it seems to be associated to. According, you can outline your topic that what are principal and peripheral elements that you have to incorporate in your content generation for a topic. By mapping your content, it becomes more precise and free from unnecessary components that might puzzle ultimate consumer.

Jess McDonal:

……“I take a look at everything that the site is offering, be it products, be it services, whatever. I start trying to break that down as a user and into a broad perspective”……

…“that’ll start sending you down these rabbit holes of, I need to cover this on a page, or this wouldn’t merit being a page in itself”.

Pros of Topic Focus strategy over Keywords Strategy:

No, SEO content generation strategy is futile until, it creates value for its users otherwise, it’s time for great pondering and you should have to revise/revamp your policy for SEO content generation. Topic focus strategy when compared with keywords focus strategy than pros, it seems to have are:

  • It has more probability to satisfy its users because of its holistic philosophy to topic.
  • Additional information will build up your goodwill in the minds of user/customer.
  • User will perceive your website as more socially responsible.
  • User can better understand the value you are generating for them.

Jess McDonal:

…“giving them more information, which will build up your authority in a certain area – people’s awareness of you and people’s trust in you”.

… “content out there to help them, even if it’s not necessarily super marketing-driven early on in the funnel, you’re not shoving your product down their throat, you’re just giving them more information”…

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