Is Technology a Blessing or a Curse?

Technology is used to help the mankind in achieving their tasks in a small period of time. But, technology is progressing so fast that somehow it is also a threat for human beings. To see is technology a blessing or a curse? We are highlighting major benefits and threats of technology.

Is Technology a Blessing or a Curse

Benefits of Technology:

Technology is present everywhere. In order to clear thoughts about technology a blessing or a curse, we have to be unbiased. Now we have smart phones, laptops, cameras, GPS and many other gadgets in our home. If we look at few years back, these gadgets were in our thoughts only. Video calling is not a problem these days. But, you cannot think of talking and watch someone who is thousands of miles away from you. This is the blessing of technology. There is a great importance of technology in education as well.

Further, is we look at the progress of technology in the field of medicine, you will be surprised. Now there are unbelievable instruments which can help in diagnosis of different brain diseases. Moreover, there are some gadgets which can tell you about the calories present in the food. Now you can install applications on your cellular phones and avail the facilities of medicine and etc.

Threats of Technology to Mankind:

No doubt, there are countless benefits of technology. But, it has some dangerous threats too. As in education sector, students are relying on Google for their research work. They do not work on their own. Furthermore, weapons are one of the major threat of technology to the world. Now, a single missile can destroy the whole country, even the half of the world. Most of the people these days wear spectacles. Because, the technology gadgets are very dangerous for eye sight. So, while proving technology a blessing or a curse, technology can be a curse too.

Technology is involved in all our daily tasks. Now, we cannot imagine to think our lives without emails. We think the world would be nothing without technology. Because, we are dependent on technology for each and every single task of your lives.


We can’t deny the fact that we are somehow hooked by the technology. One cannot deny the importance of technology in our lives. Whether you like it or not, you have to use it in your daily tasks. So, in conclusion we can say that technology is a blessing for mankind. But, there are bad effects of technology too. We can avoid these effects with a little care. So, one can get clear thoughts about technology a blessing or a curse.

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