Is Present Better Than Past

Is Present Better Than Past:

It is important question for discussion whether our present is better than our past. I would answer this question without prejudicial as possible. In past people lived peacefully better than us. They did not face a system, Which deal with crime and problems as we face today. Because of this reason past was good than present and people of that time were more fortunate than us.

Is Present Better Than Past

Technology Role in Present:

Now world become a global village every thing is efficient like communicate system, travel system, banking system etc. In past people did not have these facilities or fast means of traveling communication. In this respect present is better than past.

In past people not give their attention to improve their system. They were dispersed from modern models of technology like wireless communication, mobile phone, car, plane, rocket etc. We are fortunate that, We live in present.

Our present is the age of information and technology. We are also enjoy the availability of internet through it. We get closer to all source of knowledge more familiar with computer. We are interlinks with all parts of the world. In past these all are not available.

Education Role in Present:

People give more importance to get education. We are happier than those who were connected with past. We have ability to know and learn whatever we want. In present our education our education system are superior than past, Our industrial, medical, surgical, treatment, traveling system , communication system is for better than past.

Specially our agriculture and industrial sector for many problems in past. Now these sector are stand as compare past. We can be advanced due to progress in science in every step of life. Because of scientific study, We can modernize our infrastructure. Now we learn new techniques for betterment of our system. Present is perfect and efficient than past.

Science Role in Present:

In  past there were too much problems, Which people faced. People traveled in days to move from one city to other city, country to country. Now technology make this travel in hours. In past people cannot make instant communication they can’t share their feelings and problems with their relatives and friends, Which lived for away from them in minutes or hours. Now this problem rapid solve dude to the scientific knowledge. Our present is better than past. We will need cheaper technology for our superior or bright future. It is true that, Who lived in past they were satisfied spiritually enjoyed natural health, fresh mind but unfortunately they cannot enjoy comforts, Which science provide us this time. Today people have known – how about the modern world.


After above discussion, we come to know that, Old days were full of natural beauty. People were enjoyed natural fitness and peace of mind. Now we are physically relax and better medical treatment that, science has give us.

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