Is Keywords Dead in Seo OR Not?

Did you know that keywords dead in Seo or not? Probably, almost Seo experts efforts working behalf on the keyword and their research. Many of Seo experts think that keyword is no longer exist and many of think vice versa. Here today we are going to describe that keywords role in Seo is still exist or not?

Is Keywords Dead in Seo?

In the today date, absolutely not because our hundreds of articles and precious clients getting or driving tons of incoming traffic by using keywords research and their implementation. Even Google each searches made successful with any particular keywords, which is entered by the users itself.

Is Keywords Dead in Seo google instant

Keyword placement in article is still effective but excessive usage of focus keyword can make you post spammy. So depends on your expertise to know about these tactics, you may join our Seo training program.

Google also bold searched or entered or acquired keywords in his searches. Thus you can analyze the keywords significance in the eye of Google.

Is Keywords Dead in Seo google searches

Let’s assume that if keyword is dead so why Google utilizing keywords in their algorithms. Moment of thinking.

According to my own opinion, keywords research is rising and there is no chance to be fallen. Because through this user can show or write their mind concept language in shape of keywords in search engines to get their results or solutions. Google itself providing keyword research tools to get appropriate estimation on which keywords mostly impressions and clicks are being made on each month.

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