Is Google AdSense Banned in Pakistan

Most frequently asked question by majority of visitors and users, Is Google AdSense banned in Pakistan or not? Yet no one clearly knows what Google trying to say? I was slightly confused when the time of applying AdSense for my own site because rumors makes me scared about AdSense approval or decline.

Is Google AdSense Banned in Pakistan

But when i decided that let take a look Google guidelines review and then i started to learn it entirely. So let’s begin,

Is Google AdSense Banned in Pakistan?

Absolutely not, according to my review and sources AdSense did not ever get banned in past. AdSense just makes his rules and polices strict for particular countries for which they received more spamming activities. So you should not to be regret. I have some clues, which can definitely help you to find out actual propaganda.

As we are familiar that PayPal is banned in Pakistan because PayPal blacklist Pakistan country from his sign up form, from where user’s were able to become the part of this Community.

Same this concept will be applied here, still Google AdSense didn’t blacklist Pakistan from his program. So how could you say that Google AdSense doesn’t no longer supported to Pakistan. Lets talk with the proofs, i have a snapshot in which you can see clearly that Pakistan country name still exist in Google AdSense program.

Is Google AdSense Banned in Pakistan proof

Above image clearly showing that Pakistan country name still exist in Google AdSense program.

So the next question will be from your side, if AdSense is not banned as we said above so how you can get approval without any hurdle?

That will be good practice, if you read the eligibility to participate in Google AdSense especially for Asian countries Pakistan, India, China etc. Unlike i wrote an appropriate article earlier on “13 things to Do before applying Google AdSense Account” just try then let me know, what you got the result.

Note: To be honest with my passion i would say, please do not buy AdSense account in any condition from anyone because purchased AdSense account can be down any time permanently because AdSense team analyzes his account holders each activities with the passage of time.

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Sundar Arajan
Sundar Arajan
8 years ago

You can apply for adsense program regardless of the what above snapshot of Google adsense form presented in the sign up form, Due to payment process in Pakistan have not been approved by GOVT, Google initially helpless at this stage.

Sundar Arajan.

Farhan Rasheed
8 years ago

Brother I’m confused because google Adsense is not Approve my Account since 6 months.
Application is submitted but not responded from google if you have any suggestion please tell me.
I want AdSense account.