Is Blog Commenting Still Effective From Seo Perspective?

This is a most arise question in often minds. Because blog commenting is now emerging as usual trend. Many of my friends asked this question to me on many occasions that, Is blog commenting Still effective and acceptable from Seo perspective. Now I’m going to revealing this actual question answer in-depth.

Is Blog Commenting Still Effective

Is blog commenting Still effective?

Blog commenting is just like a disease, which gives you nothing more and no longer exist in Seo factors. Majority of bloggers building backlinks through blog commenting. But they are going with wrong way, because blog commenting backlinks are totally ‘NoFollow’ which will never be considered in search engine. Search engine do not follow ‘Nofollow ‘ attribute hyperlinks on web pages. So, these backlinks are totally freak from ranking perspective. Here we have an image blog commenting proof, which contains ‘Nofollow’ attribute behind ‘Name’ field.

Is Blog Commenting Still Effective Nofollow attribute

What are the benefits of Blog Commenting:

Where blog commenting has its disadvantages, where it has little benefits. Through blog commenting, you can generate lot of traffic without spend any cost. Most of bloggers thinks about only ranking not focus on traffic side, Now you need to think bidirectional because it’s time to grow up. No matter, incoming visitors giving you Dofollow or Nofollow backlinks , you can avail Nofollow backlinks in the form of traffic. If you are a beginners and do not have much knowledge about Dofollow or Nofollow attributes then must read, What is Nofollow and Dofollow rel attributes.

What is the alternative of blog Commenting?

Here is a prominent question arise, if blog commenting is giving us nothing so what is the alternative of blog commenting. Join blogs, who support comment luv because via this facility you can easily build your Dofollow backlinks without facing any trouble. Guest Blogging is a rich and finest one way to build Dofollow backlinks, read 4 major Guest blogging benefits from Seo perspective.

Join Dofollow high PR forums to establish sturdy backlinks, discussion boards is a spectacular way to promote your website on largest communities. Social bookmarking sites is also a great way to submit you recent post and building backlinks.

Yes, it is true blog commenting is still exist in online market but it has benefits, not harmful for your blogging journey. It will be harmful, when you spamming on other blogs with your website reference. This spamming can spoil your website reputation and can disturb search engine ranking. So, try to avoid this kind of unethical activities.

Let us know, if you understand blog commenting actual concept from Seo perspectives. For more discussion on this topic, you can join us via comment. 😉

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Ashley Jones
Ashley Jones
7 years ago

Commentluv plugin is really helpful because it provides do follow link which means getting more backlinks will place our site top on the search engines. Anyway thank your from heart for sharing such informative article with us.
Ashley Jones