Internet Addiction Disorders

Internet Addiction Introduction:

The Information technology Spreading rapidly. Internet is one of the largest form of technology. Internet allows users to connect with computers all over the world. It is the fastest source of information in the world. It carries email, provide platform for chatting & websites. People can communicate with each other from all over the world through internet. Internet has grown very fast & moves across the land or sea.  Some say that internet is so enjoyable it makes us want to do it or have it a lot. On the other hand-side, If we ponder on internet so, We will found numbers of internet addiction. There is no clear study, how many addiction involved with extra use of internet.

Internet Addiction

With over use of the internet people are not paying attention to their important work, They neglect their family , fail to look after their health, activities related with socializing. Internet is the biggest & fastest source of information in the world, But over use of the internet has negative effect on the career of the people because we are attracting such a powerful communication source or mean, some of us are not attract us. Are not attract the mean of communication, many researches show that internet become a strong desire of people. They can’t stop its uses.

History of the development of internet:

Development of the internet began about almost 20 years ago. Defense researches project agency started a program to create link with different types of network for the research of technology & techniques in 1973. The main object of this network was to establish communication system that would to permit computers to exchange information. This was called internetting project.

Impact of internet on society:

More than half of society thinks that internet is the important system since the telephone. Internet is most addicting, it is so enjoyable. Internet addicting is a big problem for society success. Some studies show that internet not only addicting, it is also enjoyable. Extra use of internet make people laze, they don’t make an effort to doing things for themselves or for other people of society.  Internet has negative effect on some other important part of life.

Dr. Maressa Orzack answers this question that, What  are the effects of internet addiction & why are people falling into this way ?

The single greatest factor in becoming an addict is boredom”, ” They are lonely, & the internet, with its chat rooms & endless information, fills a need” Dr. Maressa Orzack

Temptation tools of internet:

Chat rooms, games, email, Facebook, twitter communities. On chat room people talk with each other, People interact with each other all over the use for sending or receiving important documents, assignments or other purposes.

Facebook & twitter also used for making friends or communicate with other people. People spent their spare or most important time on such tools of internet. The issue is that, People spend too much extra time on Internet due to this , they far away from society, family, friends. Over use of internet become a serious problem, it destroyed the families, marriages & also fall down the structure of bright career. Due to internet people lose their interest in books reading, excercise, outdoor games. Internet users sleep less than five hours a night, they don’t take they meal properly because of this, they face health problems.

Websites of treatment of internet addiction:

There are many numbers of websites, Which are available for the treatment of the internet addiction like,

” The internet anonymous virtual meeting page” Or “Welcome to the web addicts detox page” Software for the treatment of internet addiction also available.  Graham’s Mac shareware package is available on internet but it is not the best for treatment because it is on-line treatment. Face to face therapy is best treatment to deals with this serious issue as compare online treatment packages.

Internet Addiction treatment

Some clinics & hospitals have also been established for the treatment of internet addiction over the past two years.


Internet spread very quickly in all over the world. Internet also keeps student, businessman, teachers, they get information related to their work, but some people make it extra use. Which has bad effects on their lives.

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