How to Improve AdSense Earning Tips and Tricks

As we are familiar with AdSense is most high paying ad PPC ad network. Which would be the first choice of any publisher to put their ads on his website or blog. Here is the most prominent thing among AdSense users is how to improve AdSense earning because 80% new starters claims that they are not getting good CPC as they were expected. First of all getting an approved AdSense account is not like eating an apple, your website should be eligible for Google ads otherwise your website will be rejected. You must read the 13 things to Do before applying Google AdSense Account.

How to Improve AdSense Earning Tips and Tricks

How to Improve AdSense Earning:

Getting a healthy income through AdSense is really a tricky job. Only people who have bold experience in this field can do that, secondly you can avail from these people experience. I made an appropriate guidance by using which you can easily improve AdSense earning without any hurdle.

Valuable & Unique Content:

Your first step should be writing a creative and unique content. Do not copy another website subjects, almost bloggers adopt that way which a Seo infringement in itself. Focus on these points or topics, which searches ratio is usually good or excellent. You can find that keywords or topics from various methods such as Google instant, Google trends and Google keyword planner tool etc.

Backlinks Strategy:

Most of the times, incoming visitors from rich niche sites can become the cause of good fortune. Majority times, users only clicks on those links for which they are interested to go with. Thus, backlinks can be the reason of the increment AdSense income.

Geo Location:

That is what, which is 80% impact on your monthly income whether it is AdSense or another ad network. According to my perception, almost experts knows this fact. If you ask me why? so my answer would be probably slightly complex. Google check it out or already knows the every country online conversion rate on their ads.

How to Improve AdSense Earning Tips and Tricks Geo location

Let’s take an example to complete this topic. If I’m going to search engine and search for CR7  price in New York city, then Google respond with so many search results in return. So I just picked up one website from these search results and go ahead, on that website an outstanding article on CR7 with price comparison. On the same time, on right hand sidebar I found an ad related to this article, on which a finest limited time offer of CR7 is showing. So at this time user is interested because he is already seeking for CR7 price so he would definitely go with this ad and click on it then probably, made this CR7 shoe purchase done. This is a conversion rate, which I was talking about above.

Conversely, if this above same situation is happen in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc, so what their users reaction in return. There are 50-50 chances because of less online payment gateway support in these Asian countries, less intellectual people ratio in these countries and less knowledge of purchasing things from online websites. There is another one bold reason, due to security reasons almost Asian countries gov do not allow users to use their bank debit cards internationally or globally and everyone can not bear the cost of credit cards.

Thus, Geo location impact on your AdSense earnings. If the above situation happen in developed countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Canada and further European countries so their conversion percentage would 80%, because of well knowledge in online marketing and their usage. They also have maximum payment gateways such as PayPal, Payoneer, American Express, credit and debit cards etc. Must read List of AdSense Highest Paying CPC Countries. You also can read the story of mine 77 USD Dollars Lead in a Single Day with Google AdSense.

Let us know, if you find this article useful and empirical. If you have further questions regarding improve AdSense earning so must tell us through below comment box or also arise your questions on our community forum.

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shahroz Khan
shahroz Khan
8 years ago

Sir main ek website banai hai lekun ab main is ko kesy google py upload karo koi tarika baty plz main intezar karo ga AP k answer ka.

Siraj Mahmood
8 years ago
Reply to  shahroz Khan

Please ask your all questions on our community forum.
Thank you!

8 years ago

Hi Siraj, That’s Great Knowledge about AdSense. Thanks for shared.

6 years ago

Very nice tips sir