How to Import Large Size MYSQL Database Without Any Limitation

Here we have a quick tutorial on how to import large size MySQL database without any limitation or restriction. Usually, if you are using shared hosting so you can face this trouble because there is a particular limitation of import MySQL database in your Phpmyadmin.

How to Import Large Size MYSQL Database Without Any Limitation

Import Large Size MYSQL Database:

If you are facing this annoyed problem so there is only one solution from your perspective, which is edit your php.ini file which exist on your root directory or you can create it. But almost hosting companies doesn’t give this option for shared hosting accounts but VPS hosting users can avail this feature due to their advance and more premium plan.

Yesterday, I faced this trouble and then I contact to my hosting company which is HostGator. They instruct me, that I’m not able to edit php.ini file because of my hosting plan, if I want this feature enable so please upgrade your hosting plan to VPS. That answer was not satisfactory for me because I spend $400 already for that hosting. So I tried to find the solution which overcome this issue for me. I always heard from my elders that nothing is impossible so finally after day night struggling and searching I got that solution, which solved my all troubles and doubts.

Solution is “BigDump” Staggered MySQL Dump Importer. Which has ability to import large MySQL databases quickly without any threshold or hurdles. I made an absolute video guide on this entire procedure for reader’s convenience. Let’s see,

Must follow the above video guide for import large size MySQL database with ease. Keep remember that this from this way you do not need to upgrade your hosting plan even you can import large size MySQL database with your current hosting plan such as any shared hosting etc.

Let us know, if you think you found your answer or solution after visit on our site. If you have any queries and doubts relevant to the above topic so may ask it under this topic or can create a new thread on our community forum.

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