Illiteracy Definition And Its Effects

Illiteracy Definition And Its Effects:

Literacy means the ability of read and write.According to this definition,more than 70 percent of our population is illiterate.In a recent report of UNICEF,it has been revealed that more than 20 million children do not have opportunities to get admission in primary schools Pakistan.In modern era,a nation cannot confront the challenges with an overwhelming illiterate population.

Illiteracy Definition And Its Effects

Elementary or basic or primary education system must be very strong to cope with the problem of illiteracy.Our policy makers have always ignored the vitality of elementary education.If a person is not able to read and write,he will not be able to get further education.Furthermore,he will remain an illiterate and ignorant person.Because of the deficiency on this basic level of education,the doors of opportunities of a good and high standard life will remain shut for him.

An illiterate person can’t take good  decision:

An illiterate person cannot vote wisely.He is not aware of the importance of vote and electoral process.In this way,he remain unconcerned with political affairs.An illiterate person is not conscious of his rights and duties in the society.He may easily be exploited.An employer may give him unjust wages.He can be deprived many of the rights,he deserves.

A Campaign should be launched to eradicate illiteracy:

There is a dire need to launch a campaign to abolish illiteracy and promote elementary and basic schooling,so that we may achieve the target of 100 percent literacy rate.This target can be gotten by working on multiple levels.First of all,more primary schools should be opened to achieve this target.There should be declared an educational emergency.Adult schools must also be opened to adorn the adults with basic education.


By concluding the discussion,we can say that if a person has a strong base at primary or elementary level,he will be able to build a skyscraper of high and higher education on this foundation.Illiteracy is a curse which must be uprooted.By launching a massive and revolutionary literacy campaign,we can abolish illiteracy and achieve 100% literacy rate .This is the only way to make future strong and stable.

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