HTML Tutorial step by step Guide

HTML Tutorial:

HTML tutorial for beginners establish a skill that how to engage web pages. HTML (Hyper text markup language) used to develop web pages with more reliability.HTML contains enclosed tags like <h1> </h2>  and html tags are come in couple. If tag is open then it must be close clearly. 

How we start html?

Answer is HTML have open and close tags like <html> </html> Keep remember in mind in which close tags </html> backslash should be there on start.Let’s take the following example.

<h1>Knowledge idea e-learning website</h1> 
<p> educate yourself!!</p>

In above case we use heading tags and paragraph tags. Some major tags are mentioned below.

Name Tags code
 Headings  <h1><h2><h3><h4><h5><h6><h7>….</h7>
 Paragraph  <p></p>
 Marquee  <marquee></marquee>
 Break  <br>
 Font  <font> </font>
 Link  <a href=”#”></a>    //  Hash # sign Replace with URL.
 Table  <table> </table>
 Table row  <td> </td>
 Table column  <tr> </tr>
 Area  <Area>
 Button  <button> </button>
 Document type  DOCTYPE> // Must be declare before HTML type.
 Code  <code> </code> // Define computer codes.
 div  <div> </div> // Define a section. 
 Footer  <footer> </footer> // Define a footer section.
 Form  <form></form> // Form tag is used in Forms HTML.
 Head   <head> </head> // Head element hold all head elements.
 Image   <img src=”demo.jpg”> // Define Images in HTML.
 Bold  <br> </b> // Used to bold text.
 Center  <center> </center> // used to center align text.

HTML Editor:

HTML can be edited using professional editors such as.

  1. Adobe Dream viewer
  2. Notepad++
  3. Sublime text

Above mentioned three editors are professional. I will recommend to use notepad in beginning because its easy and simple way to write code and get output. we take a few screenshots for your help. Let’s see.

Step 1:

Open your Notepad second  Copy few given html and paste in your Notepad.

<!DOCTYPE html> // Declare the document type
<title>Knowledge idea</title>
<h1> First Heading </h1>
<h2> Second Heading </h2>
<h3> Third Heading </h3>
<p> Hello! friends how are you </p>

HTML  Tutorial -

Step 2:

Next in Notepad above menu File ==>> Save as demo.html with html extension.

HTML  Tutorial -

Step 3:

View HTML in your Browser. Open your Saved file in your computer Browser. It will look like this.

HTML  Tutorial -

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azaz khan
azaz khan
7 years ago

I,m computer engineer and I learn many things about html but I need the css3 videos so.

7 years ago

Good knowledge About Html But i need html5 tutorials with video urdu. you help me.?