HTML Comment tag And its Advantages

HTML Comment tag And its Advantages:

As we learned regarding HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) numbers of lessons earlier. On that position, We have much knowledge about html code so, few essential and crucial tips to be noted. During writing coding few rules are exist, May be developer’s are familiar with html comment inside coding. If you are not aware so, read this article carefully. HTML Comment will support developers to understand the code level/stage and its position. Lets assume that, If you are client in a software house and working as a developer. Now while writing code, If you utilize html comments inside your coding on every step and guide in your comments. Then company hire a new developer with you, And this developer working on your previous codes files or coding document. If you had put html comments inside your code on every step and guide friendly then new developer will understand your code easily otherwise new developer will headache for you. Therefore, try to add meaningful html comments and don’t utilize redundant or unnecessary html comments. HTML comment contains on particular html tag. To understand and view this tag, See the below example.

<!-- Start First Heading -->
<h1> Hello World </h1>
<!-- End First Heading -->

See the above html comment tags and its utilization for html code. This procedure is quite simple and don’t hard struggle need for this step. You can add html tag and elements or attributes inside html comments tags. In this process and after debug or compile , Browser don’t display these tags.  Which are available inside of html comment tag. See the below example to understand it.

<!-- <h1> Enter your paragraph content </h1> -->

Above example is similar like previous one, But slightly changes exist both of them. You can clearly see that, We utilize heading tag in above html code but this heading tag presence found inside of html comment tag. That’s why after compile or run above html code, Browser will not display the above html heading. The above code result should be a blank page.

HTML Comment Advantages:

As we mentioned in above statement that, html comment tag have a lot of advantages to the perspective of developer and non-developer. Because html comment tag provides us flexibility to understand it better way. According to our experience, Finest developers need to memorize it and utilize it during writing code. But once again, Don’t use redundant and useless comments inside your comments because it will make your comment complicated. Professional developer recommend to utilize comments while coding.

Try to use html comment during writing html code. HTML comment is not harmful for your code and will not spoil your code. So, Don’t be worried and be profession with your passion. You can ask any query with the use of below comment box. 🙂

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