How To Write a Resume Paper For a Job

Are you tired of shooting resumes everywhere without getting any positive? It is time to step back and do a research about your resume and find out what is wrong with it. The top reason that recruiters reject entry-level candidates is that their resumes do not speak out clearly about their profile and expectations. Most of the resumes are ambiguous and has information that is not related to job profile. This disconnection between the expectations and the job profile is a big negative impression of the resume. So, I decided to describe our perspective and experience, how to write a resume paper for a job with maximum approach.

How To Write a Resume Paper For a Job:

The two things that cost an entry-level professional of a good interview is putting too little or too much information in his/her resume. The former is more harmful as with little information there is no way a recruiter can judge the capability and skills of a person. It is a common thing among freshers to face a situation while writing a resume that most of the spaces on the page remain blank. Giving too much information is also not going to add any value to your resume. The recruiter does not have enough time to filter out the relevant features from your enormous resume.

How to write a resume paper for a job

How do you write a resume that is going to be professional and at the same time provide detailed information regarding your skills and experiences? Writing a resume is not that easy or fun as it seems at first. Apart from providing the relevant details there are certain format that one has to follow. Usually the format differs with the type of industry or profile, but, here we are going to describe the format that is the base of all other.

Here are the various areas of a resume that needs specific attention (denoted with top-to-bottom approach)


Always start a resume with a header that generally should contain only your name, e-mail i.d. and phone number. In case you are working currently, you can add your current position. It is shown in the below picture highlighted by a red circle.

How to write a resume paper for a job header


The objective area defines what you are seeking from the company or in the future. It should be crisp, clear and in complete in one line. Objective is not always needed as it recruiters are not interested in ‘what you are looking for’ and are more interested in ‘what you can provide’. If you have less space you can skip this section.

How to write a resume paper for a job objective

Profile/Professional Summary:

The next important section of your resume is the profile/professional summary. This is the overview of your experience (if you have any) in the relevant field of expertise and how it is related to the job profile you are applying to. Put the profile summary in pointers for the recruiter to have a quick glance. If you have no work experience, use the profile summary to showcase your skills and how your education is going to prove competent enough for the job.

Some companies use automatic resume sorting software to find relevant resumes. So, if you use keywords related to the job profile there is a greater chance of the software matching your resume with the required profile.

How to write a resume paper for a job Summary


Organisational Experience/Internships/Projects:

In this section you need to mention the organisation that you worked/working with, designation, period of experience and the job details. If you have no work experience and have interned somewhere, then describe your internship details. In case you have no work experience and also not interned anywhere, you can use the projects that you have completed in college in this section.

While describing the job/internship/project details use pointers and give the most relevant ones first. If you use the profile-related pointers in the end, the recruiter might skip the resume without looking down. This is a common mistake made by freshers/entry-level professionals while writing a resume.

How to write a resume paper for a job Experience

Academic/Education Details:

This section will highlight your academic details and show your qualifications along with the percentage of marks received in the finals. No need to waste too much space in this section writing details of each semester or year. Just write the institute, year of passing, marks obtained and degree.


Mention the certificates that are related to the job profile. Do not mention unrelated certifications. For example, if you are applying for a sales-related field, do not include a certification that shows you are a certified C++ programmer. It is not going to help you and will waste space in your resume. You can add any extracurricular or academic achievements or awards that you received.

How to write a resume paper for a job Education

IT Skills:

This is an important section as nowadays most of the companies want the candidates to be IT educated to a certain extent. Mention the IT skills that you are good at and have hands-on experience. Do not mention anything that is not related.

Personal Details:

This is the last section of your resume. Here, you need to mention your address, date of birth and your language skills.

How to write a resume paper for a job Personal Details


The most important thing that you have to be aware while writing a resume is that you need to be grammatically correct and ensure that all the details are valid. Using the above format you can now write your killer resume that will help you get one foot on the path to a successful interview.

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