How To Use Google Analytics Beginner Guide

What is Google Analytics:

Hope, you are aware with Google. Google is a Search engine and have multiple beneficial products and tools. Google most of the products are free of cost. Just you need a Gmail account to get access on all of these products. Google offers optimization and Analytics tools for website owners and developers. Google Analytics is one of the tool and product of Google Inc. According to Wikipedia Google Inc introduced analytic tool in 2005.

How to use google analytics

Google Analytics works for analyze the web statistics and much more feature. In other words, With the help of Google analytics, You Can track your website statistics in-depth.

How to Setup Google Analytics ?

Google analytic is totally separate tool. Before tracking your website statistics, You need to build connection between them. First of all, You need to sign up on Google Analytics. Then fill the registration and provide your website URL in the given form. After do this procedure, Add your website URL and verify you domain in Google Analytics. In this process, Google Analytics will give you two options. One is that, Put tracking ID inside your website. Second is that, Put script lines inside <head>.....</head> head tags. You can certify your domain name with two given methods. After certify your domain name, You will capable to track your website statistics. Google Analytics is appropriate solution for track websites, Because Google Analytics have multiple feature such as: Real Time tacking, Audience, Section tracking, Keyword tracking, Paid and organic Seo tracking and complete grip on all content even a single link.

Real time option facilitate us, to track current online user on our website or blog. Even we can see the content, which user are seeing at the current time and much access further we can see the user/viewer/reader browser, OS, device (Mobile, Desktop), location (Country, City) and traffic source.

Google analytics

Slightly Go ahead, Audience option is also reliable and magnificent. Same above real-time feature exist in audience option but different is that, Audience option utilize for specific date/month/year. You can check date to date and month to month traffic stats quickly.

Google Analytics

Next is Acquisition option, Acquisition is more effective option inside analytic panel. Acquisition track Seo factors and quires. Acquisition track traffic resource like organic, social, referral sites etc. Even your can see and track your Adword campaigns.

Google Analytics

Finally Behavior option, This option will facilitate you with content targeting points. Means that, You can see it, Which was the user came on content. You can see your revenue by keyword but for the sake of this facility, You will need to connect account to Google Analytics account.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Benefits:

Google Analytics have numbers of benefits. Google recommend to utilize his tools because Google Analytics have numerous features. Google will not charge any single penny for these features all is free for you. With the use of Analytic tools, You can find out the status of your current website and comparison to previous one status. You can track adsence revenue/earnings and Adwords campaigns statistic through Google Analytics.

Professional bloggers always do follow-up the trend. We will suggest you, Try to use Google Webmaster tool with Google Analytics tools. You need to make your habit or routine , to check daily analytic report and optimize your website on daily basis. You can further discuss this article below. 🙂

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