How to Track WordPress Website Downtime Period

Most creative question asked by my readers often times. How to track WordPress website downtime period or this procedure should be instant. Nowadays, mostly hosting services have these kind of troubles occasionally. That is why, we recommend only trustworthy and 99.99% Uptime hosting companies like HostGator. You also can read how to choose right hosting company article for your better understanding.

How to Track WordPress Website Downtime Period

Track WordPress Website Downtime Period:

Which way, I’m going to show is not an authentic but personally experienced by me from old times. This way is some kind of tactics or technical method from which you may track your website downtime period easily.

Note: Before going ahead, remember that this way is only supported to WordPress users not others.

We divide this tutorial in the following steps for user convenience.

Step 1:

Open your WordPress dashboard and go to Plugins > Add New. Search JetPack by WordPress plugin then install and active this one plugin in your WordPress. If you already have installed this plugin so could not be able to reinstall.

Step 2:

After installation process, go to plugin settings there are more than 25 module exist in Jetpack.

How to Track WordPress Website Downtime Period step 2

We already activated this module that is why in the above image it is showing configure link.

Step 3:

After activate this module, go inside configure and setup/edit/add your email on which you want to receive downtime period email notification instantly.

How to Track WordPress Website Downtime Period step 3

This monitor module will check your website status in every five minutes, if they found any downtime period then they will instantly email you as a notification on your provided email.

Hopefully, you understood all the aspects from every perspective. If you want the alternative solution of this downtime period then there is only one solution which is “Change your current hosting”, we would suggest you only HostGator, which is 99.99% Uptime.

Important Note:

Here are few things to be noted. Sometimes downtime period occur due to themes internal issues, unlicensed theme usage also be the cause of this issue. I would suggest you to buy WordPress theme instead of free or unlicensed themes. You also can contact your hosting customer care via phone/chat, they will assist you with better approach.

Let us know, if you like this article and found useful for your website journey. I f you have any issue regarding this article so you may directly discuss this issue on our community forum or leave your comment below.

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