How To Take Control Of Your Social Media

Social Media:

Social media is growing by leaps and bounds with every passing day. Now-a-days you will find a new social medium to interact with, which also means a new social medium your company has to sign up for as well. This is especially for company who are in e-commerce industry. They need to participate in all the good social mediums to increase their reach and to interact with the users.

How To Take Control Of Your Social Media

But what if you are a company who has more than three social mediums to handle? It is a tough day for you because you need to be active on all them, post content and pictures and engage more people. This is definitely not an easy task and there will come a point where most of your social mediums will go out of control. Out of control meaning you have no idea what goes on what medium, how to deal with the audience and control any kind of communication happening. Here are some tips on controlling your social media:

Cross-check Your Social Medium:

Many times we put our company on social media like a long shot and that’s the biggest mistake. You need to understand that will your company reap any benefit from the mediums you are on. Not all social mediums is good for your company and you need to be selective about it. A thorough research on what medium will suit your company profile is imperative.

Prepare A Road Map:

Yes, you need to have a different road map for all your social mediums. You need to understand that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, Instagram, Youtube… they all work differently. You can’t have one plan of action for all and then expect it to work. This might be time consuming, but it is crucial for you to understand how these mediums work and what type of content/creative will be useful.

Follow A Routine:

Once you have a road map in place you will better understand what you need to do on your individual social medium. Plan your days way ahead, make a calender and follow that calender every day without any gaps. Keep a tab on what’s working and not working then make changes accordingly. It is necessary that you follow a routine to understand your social mediums better and hence do better on them.

Regular Checks On Social Stats:

You can find many apps that will help you understand your social stats better. Apps like Buffer, Hootsuite, TweetDeck and HubSpot can be of real help. These apps will assist you in scheduling content and posts, implement campaigns, track audience engagement and determine stats. These apps will also let you handle the multiple profiles you might have on your social mediums. Social stats provides a bigger picture to all your efforts being put in your social mediums.

These few tips but very important ones will help you grow in your social mediums and at the same time will let your control them. Social mediums can be like naughty kids and run away somewhere you can’t catch them. However, it is upto you to catch these naughty kids and set them straight. As said earlier, control your social media before it goes wild.

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8 years ago

Thanks for the post. This is very helpful post for me. I got the mistake, I was making about social media account. Nice and informative post.