How to submit website sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool

How to submit sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool:

How to submit website sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool

When we build a blog or website, We want to list our blogs in Search engines instantly. Newbies are not aware about this step that’s why sometime they don’t get maximum traffic on his blogs, Because your blog appearance not exist in search engines. Google introduce GWT (Google Webmaster Tool) to manipulate your website ranking. Google need a specific list (Sitemap), In Sitemap, Webmaster mentioned his blog or website  URLs, Which help to search engines spiders to find us and start crawl your website.

Google Webmaster Tool is completely free, Webmaster tool contains many of these finest factors, which is important from search engine perspective. As my own experience with webmaster tool, If you don’t attention on it then maybe one day, You will lose your website appearance in search  engines. So, Keep updated yourself. Comeback on topic, First we need to know, What is Sitemap and How we generate sitemap.

What is sitemap?

Sitemap consist on web address (URL) inside your blog or website pages.Sitemap is an XML (Extensible Markup Language) encoding format but readable for bots and human beings. Sitemap factors are following as numbers of URL, indexing frequency etc. Index frequency is a major part of  sitemap but sometimes, webmasters tend to avoid this option. I suggest you edit this option as your routine like: If you update your blog daily then set frequency daily otherwise weekly. Keep remember sitemap.xml file exist in your website root directory same as Robots.txt file. For static websites use online sitemap generator. For WordPress Users use Google sitemap generator. The effective part of this plugin is that, automatically update your sitemap when we publish new post on WordPress. Frequency editable options. Sometimes some bloggers might block google spider until a month, During this month anyone can copy your content and crawl first. which can lead to be a big disaster. Update your sitemap initially before submit to webmaster. Here is  KnowledgeIDea sitemap. Now let’s start submit sitemap to GWT.

Go to >> Google and type >> Google Webmaster tool, Next >> Sign in Google webmaster tool with your simple >> Gmail account.

How to submit website sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool

You can access Google further tools with your simple Gmail account. If you have still not Gmail account then create one. Next procedure after sign in your dashboard.Click on right hand side or left hand side under crawl option(sitemap) to reach sitemap section. Let’s see here.

How to submit website sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool

After reach sitemap page >> Click on >> ADD/TEST SITEMAP Button. Enter your sitemap root path. Before submit sitemap, you should need to test sitemap and find out the errors exist there or not. After clarification you may submit your sitemap. At this page you may see the statistic of your submitted sitemap.

How to submit website sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool

Here is question arising that, How much time it takes to submitted URLs to appear in Google search. There is no particular time. Google catch your sitemap from GWT and start index your web pages. Google spiders indexing web pages in every seconds so, don’t be worry about your website index or not. Hopefully you understand these SEO factors. If you have further query about SEO So, Subscribe our newsletter and keep update yourself.

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