How To Stop Infolinks Ads on Post and Pages

Are you monetizing your website from Infolinks text, in-tags and further ads. As we know that, infolinks is one of the popular and authentic in-text ad network. After placing your infolinks particular script on your web or installed infolinks plugin for WordPress. After installation scripts procedure infolinks works fine but slightly problem can be occur like infolinks ad can be shown on unwanted pages or homepage. Another thing is that, how to stop infolinks ads on post and pages. Infolinks also give us opportunity to optimize his ads with reliability.

How To Stop Infolinks Ads on Post and Pages

How To Stop Infolinks Ads on Post and Pages:

To stop and disable infolinks ad on specific post and pages, Infolinks introduced his on/off tags method. I will discuss on these tags but before go ahead, I want to clear that you also can stop or exclude ads on specific post and pages through infolinks plugin. They integrate exclude post and pages feature in it through give only WordPress post and page ID numbers.

WordPress every post, page and category contains a specific ID number through this IDs infolinks disable ads on those pages and post, which page and post ID numbers we given in exclude box.

Come back on infolinks On/Off tags, which are playing primary role in disable infolinks ads on post and pages.

You need to follow the following steps to understand these tags.

  1. Open/Login to your WordPress back-end dashboard then navigate to post and pages, where you want to add these tags to stop infolinks ads.
  2. Open/edit any specific post or page where you want to disable infolinks ads and go to “Text” section of any post and page.
  3. Now here in the beginning of the post or page content add “<!–INFOLINKS_OFF–>” after added this tag infolinks in-text link ads, tags all will be disabled automatically. But if you want to disable these ads only for specific area in a single post or page then again add “<!–INFOLINKS_ON–>” after added this tag infolinks ads will be appear from that specific area.

Recently I was concerned with infolinks team regarding this matter because this was little bit complicated for me to understand this one way, So I emailed to infolinks then they replied me after 24-48 hours with in business hours. Check it out the below replied because it can be helpful for you.

How To Stop Infolinks Ads on Post and Pages step 1

Above replied by Natasha from Infolinks team and after getting this replied, I felt satisfied and thanks to team by this meaningful and premium support.

But just a minute, I was another issue when we enabled infolinks revenue booster. After enable Infolinks revenue booster for recommended content ads after post content these ads was also showing on my homepage even we mentioned or exclude my homepage ID in infolinks. So We again concerned with infolinks team regarding this trouble. Check it out our conversation on email.

How To Stop Infolinks Ads on Post and Pages step 2

They mentioned some instructions like, add “<!–INFOLINKS_STOP–>” inside main template and after the following lines “<?php get_header();?>“. Even they attach screenshot file with this message, in which they depict the complete procedure to stop ads on homepage.

How To Stop Infolinks Ads on Post and Pages step 3

Similarly, you can disable infolinks ads with ease. If you are facing any trouble then you can feel free contact to infolinks team from your publisher account.

Let us know, if you understood all aspects and found this article useful. If you are not familiar with infolinks for WordPress then read how to add Infolinks to WordPress website. If you have any queries and opinion then join us via comment.

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