How to start a blog using Blogger

How to start a blog using Blogger:

Now this era is shifted on internet world, Where community of the people’s sharing more things with each other. But the shape of sharing thing is change from other’s. Some sharing on social media sites such as Facebook, twitter or someone sharing on blogs. Today we will discuss about “how to start a blog”. How a beginner can starts his journey with efficiently without any problems. First you need to think with fresh mind, which things you know better from other’s. Because everyone have a passions, someone experts in writing articles, a house made mother expert in cooking, someone in thinking unique ideas, someone in designing, someone in photography therefore, first we need your motive and aim. Second a subject/skills in which you are expert this is any thing else. Now you need to move your ideas on internet and share with blogs. On internet numbers of platforms are available to start blogging journey for free but you determine better one which one match our requirements. Some famous platforms are mentioned as under:

In this article we talk about how to start a blog with Blogger, for WordPress blogging read this How to start blog using WordPress. what is Blogger ? Blogger is a product of Google Inc. Which is provide blogging platform without any cost. You only need a Gmail Account to create a blogger. If you have Gmail Account then go to then sign in with your Gmail account. Keep remember Google all products include blogger can be access with a free Gmail account so don’t be worried. We divided these blog creation in several steps. Which is as under: 

Step 1:

Login >> Blogger account via Gmail account.

how to start a blog 

Step 2:

Click on >> New Blog Button on << Dashboard

how to start a blog 

Step 3:

After Click on New Blog >> a Pop up will appear on-screen like below screenshot. Now at this stage we choose a specific Site Title and Blog URL (Universal Resource Locator) or Web Address (it should be unique e.g And choose a nice theme which you like.then press >> Create Blog Button.

how to start a blog 

Step 4:

Now you have successfully created your blog. Its time to optimize it with articles/posts.

how to start a blog 

Step 5:

Here is some particular things to understand that, First you need to write Post Title. Then Body area is contains heading, paragraph, and here you need to alert because don’t use copy paste tricks or data because if you use these copy paste terms then Google will penalized your blog lifetime so beware of these movements.Try to write some unique as yourself and remember that, data should be user-friendly.

how to start a blog 

Step 6:

It is an Analytic Panel / Stats Panel in blogger. We may see the traffic stats and check the traffic country visits. We may use the Google analytic tool separately to track the whole blog. Blogger have many and more option to customize your blog efficiently. we may use Blogger Gadgets in Layout under layout section. 

how to start a blog 

Step 7:

Google Keyword tool is most effective part of blogging because we pick rich keywords from that place. We optimize our blog with rich keywords i will describe it explicitly in my coming articles.

how to start a blog 

Step 8:

As we express above Google keyword planner tool is an important factor of blogging to choose a rich/good keywords and put into your content or title.And be honest with your profession. Here is some usage screenshots of Google keyword planner tool. Always place keywords in your content body,headings and post title. Use meaningful data in your articles don’t use spamming words. Once again be honest with your profession.

how to start a blog           how to start a blog 

how to start a blog 

So far, we have read the how to start a blog with blogger and next lesson we will talk about how to start a blog with WordPress with advance enhancement. Blogging is an incredible passion. My experience with blogging is long time since 2010. I will must share WordPress tricks that how to boast your website with WordPress. Hope you understand this article , if you have any problem during reading this article or understanding article so, feel free comment below. 🙂

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