How to Sign PDF Document Electronically

The most often asked question by my readers is that how to sign PDF document electronically for free. As we know that on internet there are various website and paid apps, which are offering PDF sign availability but in this article today we will reveal free method and it should be 100% authentic and professional.

Putting your signature in PDF documents is now becoming essential especially for business workers or employees.

How to Sign PDF Document Electronically:

Signature is an important factor in business, especially when you are running your own small business like entrepreneur. Most of folks who are not acquainted with official way use scanned images of their signatures but that way is not point to professional approach. Your signature should be look like original handwritten not an ordinary signature image with blur layer.

Before go ahead, you should have prepare few things in your hand. Take a single page white paper and write you signature on it with black ink pen.

Secondly, You should also have a webcam doesn’t matter it is integrated or separately. You will capture your handwritten signature from PDF reader software interface. For better understanding, watch the below video tutorial that will help you to understand all the aspects in-depth.

Watch Video Tutorial:

By using above method, you do not need to put your precious money anywhere. PDF readers just scan your signature lines and shape excluding background, signature background will look like transparent. Once you captured your signature, make sure that press ‘Accept‘ button, after press accept button signature will be stored or saved in your windows and you will be able to use it with time to time in future.

Let us know, if you found that article creative and helpful for your task. If you have any issue and question regarding this tutorial then join us on our community forum or can leave your comment under this post.

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