How To Set and Remove Reminder In Outlook 2013

Nowadays, we have some important task to do on time with regularity, but some times we forgets few important task such as check and send clients emails, review some crucial document daily or weekly. Microsoft outlook have a reminder  option, which is used same like alarm clock alert. Simply set your schedule and reminder purpose then active this reminder. Exact on time, reminder will alarm and an outlook pop up will be appeared in front of your screen. Unfortunately, often beginners are not aware about, how to set and remove reminder in outlook. So I’m here to writing a post, how you can set or schedule your reminder in outlook with ease.

How To Set and Remove Reminders In Outlook 2013

How To Set and Remove Reminder In Outlook:

Reminder is really useful and valuable utility in Outlook, which you can use it free anytime without doing any stiff struggle. It has following steps, let’s see.

Step 1:

In the first step, open your Microsoft outlook application. We are using Microsoft outlook 2013 version during this tutorial and guidance. Simply choose the task option from bottom outlook menus.

How To Set and Remove Reminders In Outlook 2013 step 1

Step 2:

In the second step, now simply type your task name/reminder name and go ahead.

How To Set and Remove Reminders In Outlook 2013 step 2

Step 3:

In the third step, double-click on created reminder and set your timing schedule as a day/week/month or else.

How To Set and Remove Reminders In Outlook 2013 step 3

After done the all settings and schedule, now simply Save & Close this window from the upper main menu bar. We have a snapshot when this reminder will call on time in front of your screen in the shape of outlook pop up.

How To Set and Remove Reminders In Outlook 2013 reminder

Now you have created reminder successfully. After appear this pop up, you can snooze this reminder for few minutes and dismiss. It is quite easy way to create and set reminder in outlook.

How to Remove/Delete Reminder in Outlook:

Now let’s see, how to remove reminder after its creation and activation. Just you need to do simply select the reminder, which you want to remove or delete from outlook then press Right click on it and choose the delete option from bottom.

How to Remove Reminder in Outlook

Now you reminder is successfully removed from your outlook. You can create more than one reminder simultaneously. Hopefully, you understand all the aspects from every perspective.

Let us know, if you find this post useful for your point of view. Don’t forget to share your opinions and useful feedback with us, for more discussion join us via comment. 😉

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