How to Remove Decimal Point From Magento Price

In Magento most occurring and annoyed issue is decimal point among your store prices. Almost users are facing these troubles because by default Magento use two zeros after decimal point so it can be panic for you because so many folks or users dislike this features. It is a built-in feature but that can be remove because everything is possible if try to resolve it. Today, we will let them our user how to remove decimal point from Magento price from store frontend and backend sides completely.

Remove Decimal Point From Magento Price:

Removing decimal floating point and zeros after decimal point from Magento price figures. From Magento interface, it is not possible to do that but by using additional, this can be done with ease. Simply watch the below video guide, we explained every thing in side in it.

In the above video, we described the way to remove decimal point and after zeros step by step.

Important Note:

We do not recommend to edit or modify Magento back-end files, especially for non-developers or clumsy folks. This editing can generate errors in future, which can spoil you efforts. But if you have knowledge and acquainted with coding skills then you may go through on you own behalf.

Let us know, if you find this article useful and valuable for your ecommerce journey. If there is anything for which you want assistant so you join us on our community forum or can comment under this article.

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