How to Reduce FeedBurner Summary Post Size in Emails

FeedBurner is free and magnificent opportunity for all bloggers. In the earlier article, you learned how to create and setup FeedBurner feeds for WordPress. Majority of bloggers are using FeedBurner service and really happy with it. If you are a beginner then probably this things or problem can happen with you. When you claimed or created your website feed initially on FeedBurner , then your FeedBurner feed by default show your entire post in FeedBurner summary. Therefore, now we will show you that how you can reduce FeedBurner summary post size in emails or how to add read more in FeedBurner summary. Both questions indicate the same thing respectively.

How to Reduce FeedBurner Summary Post

How to Reduce FeedBurner Summary Post:

Let’s see, how we can reduce the FeedBurner summary post size by follow the following steps.

Step 1:

Log-in to your FeedBurner account via Gmail, then open your website feed.

How to Reduce FeedBurner Summary Post Size step 1

Step 2:

In the second step, Choose >> Optimize option from upper main menu bar, then select >> Summary Burner option from Left hand side menu and finally insert the Maximum length of Post description character in FeedBurner summary. You also can write the Read More or any instruction in the Teaser box for readers.

How to Reduce FeedBurner Summary Post Size step 2

Now FeedBurner Post Summary is reduced successfully. Your feed now will look like the below image.

How to Reduce FeedBurner Summary Post Size

You can clearly see the above FeedBurner implementation or accuracy. Hopefully, your FeedBurner feed also will work now perfectly. Keep remember that, you can not insert any hyperlink inside Teaser box, but you can write any tiny instruction for readers like “Read More”. Enjoy your FeedBurner journey happily.

Watch Video Tutorial:

If you have more experienced ideas so you can share with us, we love to listen your respected ideas. For more discussion on this topic, you can submit your queries or opinions via comment. 😉

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