How to Redirect Old URLs to New URLs in WordPress

Most critical issue from Seo and marketing point of view. Because if you are going to change your existed web page URL so you have so many responsibilities in this case. Why I’m saying this, because behind this change your entire website infrastructure which is associate with this particular URL will also disturb from user and search engine point of view. Here today we are reveal some search engine optimization factors, one of them is how to redirect old URLs to new URLs to stop generating 404 not found errors on your website.

Redirect Old URLs to New URLs in WordPress:

I’m writing this especially for WordPress users. Secondly what thing can be occur or can become the cause of of this issue? Let me elaborate this from my perspective.

Let’s suppose, if you changed a particular web page URL in today date which you published it a month ago. Now what will happen? First of all Google already crawled this web page so this is clear like mirror that URL is also crawled in Google. Let’s think, if someone user comes on your site from search engine via old crawled web page or URL, So what page will be display on their screen? A content page for which user came to your site OR 404 Not Found Page? Obviously 404 not found page, because the old URL no longer exist on this website because you changed the URL and user doesn’t know the new URL at this moment.

So this means, when someone user comes on you site via old crawled web page so they will not be able to reach on right page for which they came. That means, from your slightly mistake you are losing huge bunch of organic traffic as well as also the user trust for this domain. Also that is a leakage point or hole in your website, which Google or another search engine doesn’t like  or maybe doesn’t tolerate that is why this can be the reason of rank fall of your website in search engine.

What is the Alternatives?

The straight forward alternative to resolve this issue is “Redirect Old URL to New URL” from this way user will be able to reach your new web page from both condition. Let’s suppose if you applied this redirection rule on it then the users who are coming on your site via old crawled web page will be automatically redirected to new URL, which you setup behind the website. So the next question should be from your side is “how to redirect OLD URLs to new URLs”. Before go to explanation, below described solution is just for WordPress but the above strategy can be happen for all non-WordPress sites too.

Step 1:

You need to install and activate this plugin namely Redirection, this plugin is use to manage 301 redirection and keeping track 404 error page, doesn’t matter you know coding or not. This plugin doesn’t need any coding or developers help.

Step 2:

Go to WordPress Dashboard > Tools > Redirection then add the URLs simply on which you want to apply this redirection rule.

How to Redirect Old URLs to New URLs in WordPress

Above you can see the two URL fields one for OLD URL and second for NEW created URL. That is the most simplest way to resolve this issue with in few minutes. As well as this plugin will record the hits, that how many times user comes on your New URLs via OLD URLs, whether it is from search engine or another external website.

How to Redirect Old URLs to New URLs in WordPress Image 2

Above you can clearly see the hits on OLD URL that is just an example for better understanding.

Let us know, if you think that articles gives you a correct answer for which you were searching. We always love to hear back from our readers, you can convey your additional queries through us visa community forum or can comment below.

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7 years ago

Bro i do this idea but I can,t see Redirection tools you can share a link where i can use this tools.

Siraj Mahmood
7 years ago
Reply to  getintopc4

Go to WordPress Dashboard > Tools > Redirection and then you can setup 301 redirection on your old URLs.