How To Redirect Domain to Another in cPanel

Do you know? You can redirect or point your primary domain to another domain in cPanel. It is not a hardcore process, It is straight forward way to redirect or point your domain to another domain. But before going ahead, keep remember few aspect, once you done redirection your primary domain to another domain, then all primary domain traffic will be also redirected to another or next domain. If you are satisfied to redirect your primary domain all connection to another domain then you may proceed. Now I’m going to show you, how to redirect domain to another in cPanel.

How To Redirect a Domain to Another Domain in cPanel

How To Redirect Domain to Another in cPanel:

To redirect your primary domain address to another one, you need to follow the following steps respectively.

Step 1:

In the first step, Log in to your hosting cPanel and find Redirects option under Domains section.

How To Redirect a Domain to Another Domain in cPanel step 1

Step 2:

In the second step, Simply choose you primary domain name from drop down menu then write the redirection URL in redirects blank box then select both condition redirect with www. or without www. When you done these all procedures then simply click on Add button. We have a snapshot of all these step.

How To Redirect a Domain to Another Domain in cPanel step 2

Above image clearly expressing the whole process of primary domain redirection on another domain. No matter, what hosting company service you are using, you will find this redirect option under domain section in mostly hosting services , so don’t be worried. As you saw, we redirected ( to Another interesting option, you also can change the type of redirection from Permanent to temporary at the top of this redirects page. Hopefully, you have successfully done your redirection process.

Let us know, if you find this post useful for your main objective. If you have another interesting ideas then share with us. For more discussion on this topic, you can join us via comment. 😉

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