How To Optimize Images for Better SEO

How To Optimize Images for Better SEO:

If you are familiar with Google analytic and you examined the daily traffic on a regular basis. You noticed that, much part of traffic came through Google images. Let assume that, You have a website or blog and this blog have lot of articles and each article have many images to specify his subject. So you can imagine that, How much traffic you can generate through images.

Optimize Images SEO

But this traffic of images have contain few condition. Same like your blog content should be Seo optimized similarly, Website images should also optimize according to Seo. See the image optimizing factors below.

  • Image title
  • Alt tag
  • Image Size

Optimize image with Image Title:

Let’s take, the image title role in optimize image Seo. This image title concept is similar like post title concept. The title of the post is to represent the whole post. Similarly, Image title of the image is to represent the whole image and its content criteria. But, Each article have lot of images. Title should should be same of all  images in each article because a image title represent the whole article and in the whole article has single main title. Try to write descriptive and meaningful title. Try to use your focus keywords in title.

Optimize image with Alt Tag:

Go ahead and take the Second point, Optimize images Seo through alt tag. Alt tag is the most prominent key of image optimization process. You will understand the story of alt tag with that example, If you have an image belongs to “Cloth fashion” but  search engines crawlers or spiders don’t  specify his term and means. We need to write short line (Alt tag) to tell them search engines that this images belongs to cloth fashion. Search engines spiders determine your given query. If your query or given information meet his Seo conditions then search engines give preference your articles images. Otherwise they will ignore images. You can see the alt tag structure below and understand in better way.

<img src="" alt="Cloth Fashion">

In the above html image tag, First we put image path then utilize alt="Cloth Fashion". This alt tag defines the image and makes image optimize.You could put focus keyword inside of alt tag.If you are familiar with WordPress then know better that, Inside WordPress, after upload image WordPress allow you to step up image title, description, caption and alt tag.See the below screenshot for testimony.

Optimize Images SEO

See the above WordPress image setting and same adopt this optimize Seo setting in your images. Don’t leave the empty title and description boxes, because these settings are mandatory for better optimize image Seo.

Optimize image with Image Size:

Take the final point, Optimize images through image size. As we know that, during writing articles, we use many images. Sometime we takes the images through search engines or else sites,but that images have much bigger size and we need small then we try to resize it. At these occasions, We use height and width tags to resize image according to our requirement. But this procedure and process of resizing image are not valid for the perspective of Seo. According to Seo optimization, We need to use image editor to resize the image size like photo filter, Photoshop and Corel draw etc. These photo editor will facilitate you and help you to resize your images as much you want. One more thing is that, Try to use small images inside articles because it will not impact on your page loading speed.

Above three point of optimize images belongs to on page Seo. Better Image optimization will give you many traffic through images searches. Specially, Use of small image will increase your site loading speed and entertain the readers. Hopefully, Image optimization will increase your page rank and site search results. Ask questions, You may leave the comment below. 🙂

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Harpreet kaur
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