How to Migrate Your WordPress Website to Another Hosting

As we know that, migration from one hosting to another is not an easy scenario for a beginner. Always so many users asked to me, how to migrate your WordPress website from one hosting server to another new hosting server without any tricky process. Probably, it was hard for me to explain all the steps in context so I made a video guide especially for user convenience.

How to Migrate Your WordPress Website to Another Hosting

Migrate Your WordPress Website to Another Hosting:

There are so many plugins, by using which you can migrate your WordPress data with ease. But not properly, here we have out standing way by using which you can done you migration process successfully without any obstacle. Migration contains four major steps, which are following as.

  1. Backup WordPress files and folders
  2. Backup WordPress MySQL (Export all tables queries)
  3. Upload your WordPress files and folder to another hosting account. Also import backup of MySQL to a new created MySQL.
  4. Establish a connection among WordPress files and MySQL through little configuration in wp-config.php file exist on your WordPress root directory.

Watch Part 1:

First part contains the process of, how to backup WordPress files and current MySQL database overview.

Watch Part 2:

Second part consist on how to restore your old backup files in new hosting server manually. Also provide slightly guidance about domain transfer and their settings.

I made both video guide on user emphasize, personally they motivate me to make something like above so I did that. Hopefully, above step by step guide will definitely helpful to you  to transfer or migrate your WordPress website comfortably.

Let us know, if you think that I made an appropriate tutorial for our valuable users. Conversely, if you have additional queries regarding WordPress migration so don’t hesitate and tell us through below comment box or also you can join us or ask  you questions in our community forum.

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